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ReaderWriterTaskContextBase Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

void afterUpdateHook (bool trigger)
bool finished ()
std::size_t getDesiredNumberOfCycles ()
std::size_t getNumberOfCycles ()
 ReaderWriterTaskContextBase (const std::string &name, std::size_t index=0)
ReaderWriterTaskContextBasesetDesiredNumberOfCycles (std::size_t n)
void waitUntilFinished ()
 ~ReaderWriterTaskContextBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::TaskContext
virtual void clear ()
base::ActivityInterfacegetActivity ()
template<typename T >
T * getActivity ()
virtual const std::string & getName () const
virtual bool ready ()
bool setActivity (base::ActivityInterface *new_act)
virtual bool start ()
virtual bool stop ()
 TaskContext (const std::string &name, TaskState initial_state=Stopped)
virtual ~TaskContext ()
virtual bool addPeer (TaskContext *peer, std::string alias="")
virtual void removePeer (const std::string &name)
virtual void removePeer (TaskContext *peer)
virtual bool connectPeers (TaskContext *peer)
virtual void disconnect ()
virtual void disconnectPeers (const std::string &name)
virtual PeerList getPeerList () const
virtual bool hasPeer (const std::string &peer_name) const
virtual TaskContextgetPeer (const std::string &peer_name) const
Service::shared_ptr provides ()
Service::shared_ptr provides (const std::string &service_name)
ServiceRequester::shared_ptr requires ()
ServiceRequester::shared_ptr requires (const std::string &service_name)
virtual bool connectServices (TaskContext *peer)
template<class ServiceType >
boost::shared_ptr< ServiceType > getProvider (const std::string &name)
bool loadService (const std::string &service_name)
template<class Signature >
Operation< Signature > & addOperation (Operation< Signature > &op)
template<class Func , class Service >
Operation< typename internal::GetSignature< Func >::Signature > & addOperation (const std::string name, Func func, Service *serv, ExecutionThread et=ClientThread)
template<class Signature >
Operation< Signature > & addOperation (const std::string name, Signature *func, ExecutionThread et=ClientThread)
OperationInterfacePartgetOperation (std::string name)
OperationInterfaceoperations ()
template<class T >
bool addAttribute (const std::string &name, T &attr)
template<class T >
bool addConstant (const std::string &name, const T &attr)
bool addAttribute (base::AttributeBase &a)
base::AttributeBasegetAttribute (const std::string &name) const
ConfigurationInterfaceattributes ()
template<class T >
Property< T > & addProperty (const std::string &name, T &attr)
bool addProperty (base::PropertyBase &pb)
base::PropertyBasegetProperty (const std::string &name) const
PropertyBagproperties ()
base::PortInterfaceaddPort (const std::string &name, base::PortInterface &port)
base::PortInterfaceaddPort (base::PortInterface &port)
base::InputPortInterfaceaddEventPort (const std::string &name, base::InputPortInterface &port, SlotFunction callback=SlotFunction())
base::InputPortInterfaceaddEventPort (base::InputPortInterface &port, SlotFunction callback=SlotFunction())
base::PortInterfacegetPort (const std::string &name) const
DataFlowInterfaceports ()
const DataFlowInterfaceports () const
virtual bool connectPorts (TaskContext *peer)
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::base::TaskCore
const ExecutionEngineengine () const
ExecutionEngineengine ()
unsigned int getCycleCounter () const
unsigned int getIOCounter () const
virtual TaskState getTargetState () const
virtual TaskState getTaskState () const
unsigned int getTimeOutCounter () const
unsigned int getTriggerCounter () const
 TaskCore (TaskState initial_state=Stopped, const std::string &name=std::string())
virtual ~TaskCore ()
virtual bool configure ()
virtual bool activate ()
virtual bool cleanup ()
virtual bool isConfigured () const
virtual bool isActive () const
virtual bool isRunning () const
virtual Seconds getPeriod () const
virtual bool setPeriod (Seconds s)
virtual unsigned getCpuAffinity () const
virtual bool setCpuAffinity (unsigned cpu)
virtual bool inFatalError () const
virtual bool inException () const
virtual bool inRunTimeError () const
virtual bool update ()
virtual bool trigger ()
virtual void error ()
virtual bool recover ()

Protected Attributes

std::size_t desired_number_of_cycles_
std::string exception_reason_
Condition finished_
Mutex mutex_
std::size_t number_of_cycles_
- Protected Attributes inherited from RTT::base::TaskCore
unsigned int mCycleCounter
unsigned int mIOCounter
std::string mName
TaskState mTaskState
unsigned int mTimeOutCounter
unsigned int mTriggerCounter
bool mTriggerOnStart

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from RTT::TaskContext
typedef std::vector< std::string > PeerList
typedef boost::function< void(base::PortInterface *)> SlotFunction
- Public Types inherited from RTT::base::TaskCore
enum  TaskState {
  Init, PreOperational, FatalError, Exception,
  Stopped, Running, RunTimeError
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RTT::TaskContext
virtual void dataOnPortCallback (base::PortInterface *port)
virtual bool dataOnPortHook (base::PortInterface *port)
void forceActivity (base::ActivityInterface *new_act)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RTT::base::TaskCore
virtual bool breakUpdateHook ()
virtual void cleanupHook ()
virtual bool configureHook ()
virtual void errorHook ()
virtual void exception ()
virtual void exceptionHook ()
virtual void fatal ()
virtual bool startHook ()
virtual void stopHook ()
virtual void updateHook ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 757 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::ReaderWriterTaskContextBase ( const std::string &  name,
std::size_t  index = 0 

Definition at line 760 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::~ReaderWriterTaskContextBase ( )

Definition at line 773 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::afterUpdateHook ( bool  trigger)

Definition at line 777 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

bool ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::finished ( )

Definition at line 793 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

std::size_t ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::getDesiredNumberOfCycles ( )

Definition at line 813 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

std::size_t ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::getNumberOfCycles ( )

Definition at line 807 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

ReaderWriterTaskContextBase& ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::setDesiredNumberOfCycles ( std::size_t  n)

Definition at line 766 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

void ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::waitUntilFinished ( )

Definition at line 798 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::size_t ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::desired_number_of_cycles_

Definition at line 824 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

std::string ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::exception_reason_

Definition at line 826 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

Condition ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::finished_

Definition at line 821 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

Mutex ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::mutex_

Definition at line 820 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

std::size_t ReaderWriterTaskContextBase::number_of_cycles_

Definition at line 823 of file dataflow_performance_test.cpp.

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