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RTT::internal::SharedRemoteConnection< T > Class Template Reference

#include <SharedConnection.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef boost::intrusive_ptr< SharedRemoteConnection< T > > shared_ptr
- Public Types inherited from RTT::internal::SharedConnectionBase
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr< SharedConnectionBaseshared_ptr
- Public Types inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElementBase
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr< ChannelElementBaseshared_ptr
- Public Types inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElement< T >
typedef boost::call_traits< T >::param_type param_t
typedef boost::call_traits< T >::reference reference_t
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr< ChannelElement< T > > shared_ptr
typedef T value_t

Public Member Functions

 SharedRemoteConnection (const ConnPolicy &policy)
virtual ~SharedRemoteConnection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::internal::SharedConnectionBase
virtual SharedConnIDgetConnID ()
virtual const ConnPolicygetConnPolicy () const
virtual const std::string & getName () const
template<typename T >
SharedConnection< T > * narrow ()
 SharedConnectionBase (const ConnPolicy &policy)
virtual ~SharedConnectionBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElementBase
 ChannelElementBase ()
virtual bool channelReady (ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr const &caller, ConnPolicy const &policy, internal::ConnID *conn_id=0)
virtual void clear ()
virtual bool connected ()
virtual bool connectFrom (ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr const &input)
virtual bool connectTo (ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr const &output, bool mandatory=true)
virtual void disconnect (bool forward)
virtual bool disconnect (ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr const &channel, bool forward)
virtual std::string getElementName () const
shared_ptr getInput ()
virtual shared_ptr getInputEndPoint ()
virtual std::string getLocalURI () const
shared_ptr getOutput ()
virtual shared_ptr getOutputEndPoint ()
virtual PortInterfacegetPort () const
virtual std::string getRemoteURI () const
virtual bool inputReady (ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr const &caller)
virtual bool isRemoteElement () const
template<typename T >
ChannelElement< T > * narrow ()
RTT_DEPRECATED void setInput (const ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr &input)
RTT_DEPRECATED void setOutput (const ChannelElementBase::shared_ptr &output)
virtual bool signal ()
virtual bool signalFrom (ChannelElementBase *)
virtual ~ChannelElementBase ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElement< T >
virtual WriteStatus data_sample (param_t sample, bool reset=true)
virtual value_t data_sample ()
shared_ptr getInput ()
shared_ptr getOutput ()
virtual FlowStatus read (reference_t sample, bool copy_old_data=true)
virtual WriteStatus write (param_t sample)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::internal::SharedConnectionBase
template<typename T >
static SharedConnection< T > * narrow (ChannelElementBase *e)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElementBase
template<typename T >
static ChannelElement< T > * narrow (ChannelElementBase *e)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElementBase
virtual bool addInput (shared_ptr const &input)
virtual bool addOutput (shared_ptr const &output, bool mandatory=true)
void deref ()
void ref ()
virtual void removeInput (shared_ptr const &input)
virtual void removeOutput (shared_ptr const &output)
- Protected Attributes inherited from RTT::base::ChannelElementBase
shared_ptr input
RTT::os::SharedMutex input_lock
shared_ptr output
RTT::os::SharedMutex output_lock

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class RTT::internal::SharedRemoteConnection< T >

Definition at line 220 of file SharedConnection.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<typename T >
typedef boost::intrusive_ptr< SharedRemoteConnection<T> > RTT::internal::SharedRemoteConnection< T >::shared_ptr

Definition at line 222 of file SharedConnection.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<typename T >
RTT::internal::SharedRemoteConnection< T >::SharedRemoteConnection ( const ConnPolicy policy)

Definition at line 225 of file SharedConnection.hpp.

template<typename T >
virtual RTT::internal::SharedRemoteConnection< T >::~SharedRemoteConnection ( )

Definition at line 228 of file SharedConnection.hpp.

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