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octomap::ColorOcTreeDrawer Class Reference

#include <ColorOcTreeDrawer.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ColorOcTreeDrawer ()
virtual void setOcTree (const AbstractOcTree &tree_pnt, const pose6d &origin, int map_id_)
virtual ~ColorOcTreeDrawer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from octomap::OcTreeDrawer
void clear ()
void clearOcTreeSelection ()
 clear the visualization of the OcTree selection More...
void draw () const
void enableAxes (bool enabled=true)
void enableFreespace (bool enabled=true)
void enableOcTree (bool enabled=true)
void enableOcTreeCells (bool enabled=true)
void enableSelection (bool enabled=true)
 OcTreeDrawer ()
void setAlphaOccupied (double alpha)
 sets alpha level for occupied cells More...
void setMax_tree_depth (unsigned int max_tree_depth)
void setOcTree (const AbstractOcTree &octree)
 sets a new OcTree that should be drawn by this drawer More...
void setOcTreeSelection (const std::list< octomap::OcTreeVolume > &selectedPoints)
 sets a new selection of the current OcTree to be drawn More...
void setOrigin (octomap::pose6d t)
virtual ~OcTreeDrawer ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from octomap::SceneObject
void enableHeightColorMode (bool enabled=true)
void enablePrintoutMode (bool enabled=true)
void enableSemanticColoring (bool enabled=true)
 SceneObject ()
void setColorMode (ColorMode mode)
virtual ~SceneObject ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from octomap::SceneObject
enum  ColorMode {
- Protected Member Functions inherited from octomap::OcTreeDrawer
void clearCubes (GLfloat ***glArray, unsigned int &glArraySize, GLfloat **glColorArray=NULL)
 clear OpenGL visualization More...
void clearOcTreeStructure ()
void drawAxes () const
void drawCubes (GLfloat **cubeArray, unsigned int cubeArraySize, GLfloat *cubeColorArray=NULL) const
void drawFreeVoxels () const
void drawOccupiedVoxels () const
void drawOctreeGrid () const
void drawSelection () const
unsigned int generateCube (const octomap::OcTreeVolume &v, const std::vector< octomath::Vector3 > &cube_template, const unsigned int &current_array_idx, GLfloat ***glArray)
 add one cube to arrays More...
void generateCubes (const std::list< octomap::OcTreeVolume > &voxels, GLfloat ***glArray, unsigned int &glArraySize, octomath::Pose6D &origin, GLfloat **glColorArray=NULL)
void initCubeTemplate (const octomath::Pose6D &origin, std::vector< octomath::Vector3 > &cube_template)
 setup cube template More...
void initGLArrays (const unsigned int &num_cubes, unsigned int &glArraySize, GLfloat ***glArray, GLfloat **glColorArray)
 setup OpenGL arrays More...
void initOctreeGridVis ()
unsigned int setCubeColorHeightmap (const octomap::OcTreeVolume &v, const unsigned int &current_array_idx, GLfloat **glColorArray)
unsigned int setCubeColorRGBA (const unsigned char &r, const unsigned char &g, const unsigned char &b, const unsigned char &a, const unsigned int &current_array_idx, GLfloat **glColorArray)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from octomap::SceneObject
void heightMapColor (double h, GLfloat *glArrayPos) const
void heightMapGray (double h, GLfloat *glArrayPos) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from octomap::OcTreeDrawer
octomap::pose6d initial_origin
double m_alphaOccupied
bool m_displayAxes
bool m_drawFree
bool m_drawOccupied
bool m_drawOcTreeGrid
bool m_drawSelection
GLfloat ** m_freeArray
unsigned int m_freeSize
GLfloat ** m_freeThresArray
unsigned int m_freeThresSize
std::list< octomap::OcTreeVolumem_grid_voxels
unsigned int m_max_tree_depth
GLfloat ** m_occupiedArray
GLfloat * m_occupiedColorArray
unsigned int m_occupiedSize
GLfloat ** m_occupiedThresArray
 OpenGL representation of Octree cells (cubes) More...
GLfloat * m_occupiedThresColorArray
 Color array for occupied cells (height) More...
unsigned int m_occupiedThresSize
bool m_octree_grid_vis_initialized
GLfloat ** m_selectionArray
unsigned int m_selectionSize
int map_id
GLfloat * octree_grid_vertex_array
 OpenGL representation of Octree (grid structure) More...
unsigned int octree_grid_vertex_size
octomap::pose6d origin
- Protected Attributes inherited from octomap::SceneObject
ColorMode m_colorMode
double m_zMax
double m_zMin

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file ColorOcTreeDrawer.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

octomap::ColorOcTreeDrawer::ColorOcTreeDrawer ( )

Definition at line 29 of file ColorOcTreeDrawer.cpp.

octomap::ColorOcTreeDrawer::~ColorOcTreeDrawer ( )

Definition at line 33 of file ColorOcTreeDrawer.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void octomap::ColorOcTreeDrawer::setOcTree ( const AbstractOcTree octree,
const pose6d origin,
int  map_id_ 

sets a new OcTree that should be drawn by this drawer origin specifies a global transformation that should be applied

Reimplemented from octomap::OcTreeDrawer.

Definition at line 36 of file ColorOcTreeDrawer.cpp.

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