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planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRW Class Reference

This is a convenience class for obtaining access to an instance of a locked PlanningScene. More...

#include <planning_scene_monitor.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LockedPlanningSceneRW (const PlanningSceneMonitorPtr &planning_scene_monitor)
 operator const planning_scene::PlanningScenePtr & ()
const planning_scene::PlanningScenePtr & operator-> ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRO
const PlanningSceneMonitorPtr & getPlanningSceneMonitor ()
 LockedPlanningSceneRO (const PlanningSceneMonitorPtr &planning_scene_monitor)
 operator bool () const
 operator const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr & () const
const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr & operator-> () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRO
void initialize (bool read_only)
 LockedPlanningSceneRO (const PlanningSceneMonitorPtr &planning_scene_monitor, bool read_only)
- Protected Attributes inherited from planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRO
SingleUnlockPtr lock_
PlanningSceneMonitorPtr planning_scene_monitor_

Detailed Description

This is a convenience class for obtaining access to an instance of a locked PlanningScene.

Instances of this class can be used almost exactly like instances of a PlanningScenePtr because of the typecast operator and "operator->" functions. Therefore you will often see code like this:

robot_model::RobotModelConstPtr model = ls->getRobotModel();

The function "getRobotModel()" is a member of PlanningScene and not a member of this class. However because of the "operator->" here which returns a PlanningScenePtr, this works.

Only one of these "ReadWrite" locks can exist at a given time. The intention is that users which need to write to the PlanningScene will use these, preventing other writers and readers from locking the same PlanningScene at the same time.

See also

Definition at line 690 of file planning_scene_monitor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRW::LockedPlanningSceneRW ( const PlanningSceneMonitorPtr &  planning_scene_monitor)

Definition at line 693 of file planning_scene_monitor.h.

Member Function Documentation

planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRW::operator const planning_scene::PlanningScenePtr & ( )

Definition at line 698 of file planning_scene_monitor.h.

const planning_scene::PlanningScenePtr& planning_scene_monitor::LockedPlanningSceneRW::operator-> ( )

Definition at line 703 of file planning_scene_monitor.h.

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