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mavlink Namespace Reference


struct  Message
class  MsgMap


using msgid_t = uint32_t
 Message ID type. More...


const mavlink_msg_entry_tmavlink_get_msg_entry (uint32_t msgid)
void print_msg (struct __mavlink_message &m)
template<size_t _N>
void set_string (std::array< char, _N > &a, const std::string &s)
template<size_t _N>
void set_string_z (std::array< char, _N > &a, const std::string &s)
template<size_t _N>
std::string to_string (const std::array< char, _N > &a)
template<typename _T , size_t _N>
std::string to_string (const std::array< _T, _N > &a)

Typedef Documentation

using mavlink::msgid_t = typedef uint32_t

Message ID type.

Definition at line 40 of file message.hpp.

Function Documentation

const mavlink::mavlink_msg_entry_t * mavlink::mavlink_get_msg_entry ( uint32_t  msgid)

Return message entry data for msgid.

user of MAVLink library should provide implementation for this function. Use mavlink::<dialect-name>::MESSAGE_ENTRIES array to make hash map.
nullptr if message is unknown

Definition at line 34 of file mtest.cpp.

void mavlink::print_msg ( struct __mavlink_message m)

Definition at line 39 of file mtest.cpp.

template<size_t _N>
void mavlink::set_string ( std::array< char, _N > &  a,
const std::string &  s 

Set std::string value to std::array<char, N> (may be not null-terminated)


Definition at line 131 of file message.hpp.

template<size_t _N>
void mavlink::set_string_z ( std::array< char, _N > &  a,
const std::string &  s 

Set std::string value to std::array<char, N> (always null-terminated)


Definition at line 143 of file message.hpp.

template<size_t _N>
std::string mavlink::to_string ( const std::array< char, _N > &  a)

Converts std::array<char, N> to std::string.

Array treated as null-terminated string up to _N chars.

Definition at line 95 of file message.hpp.

template<typename _T , size_t _N>
std::string mavlink::to_string ( const std::array< _T, _N > &  a)

Convert std::array to comma separated string

Definition at line 104 of file message.hpp.

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