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2 #include <image_transport_tutorial/ResizedImage.h>
4 class ResizedPublisher : public image_transport::SimplePublisherPlugin<image_transport_tutorial::ResizedImage>
5 {
6 public:
7  virtual std::string getTransportName() const
8  {
9  return "resized";
10  }
12 protected:
13  virtual void publish(const sensor_msgs::Image& message,
14  const PublishFn& publish_fn) const;
15 };
virtual std::string getTransportName() const
Get a string identifier for the transport provided by this plugin.
boost::function< void(const image_transport_tutorial::ResizedImage &)> PublishFn
Generic function for publishing the internal message type.
virtual void publish(const sensor_msgs::Image &message, const PublishFn &publish_fn) const
Publish an image using the specified publish function. Must be implemented by the subclass...
Base class to simplify implementing most plugins to Publisher.

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