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bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData Struct Reference

#include <bodies.h>

Public Attributes

BoundingCylinder bounding_cylinder_
Eigen::Vector3d box_offset_
Eigen::Vector3d box_size_
Eigen::Vector3d mesh_center_
double mesh_radiusB_
std::map< unsigned int, unsigned int > plane_for_triangle_
EigenSTL::vector_Vector4f planes_
std::vector< unsigned int > triangles_
EigenSTL::vector_Vector3d vertices_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 449 of file bodies.h.

Member Data Documentation

BoundingCylinder bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::bounding_cylinder_

Definition at line 459 of file bodies.h.

Eigen::Vector3d bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::box_offset_

Definition at line 457 of file bodies.h.

Eigen::Vector3d bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::box_size_

Definition at line 458 of file bodies.h.

Eigen::Vector3d bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::mesh_center_

Definition at line 455 of file bodies.h.

double bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::mesh_radiusB_

Definition at line 456 of file bodies.h.

std::map<unsigned int, unsigned int> bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::plane_for_triangle_

Definition at line 454 of file bodies.h.

EigenSTL::vector_Vector4f bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::planes_

Definition at line 451 of file bodies.h.

std::vector<unsigned int> bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::triangles_

Definition at line 453 of file bodies.h.

EigenSTL::vector_Vector3d bodies::ConvexMesh::MeshData::vertices_

Definition at line 452 of file bodies.h.

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