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ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

void build_arbitrary (unsigned length)
void build_read (unsigned page)
void build_write (unsigned page)

Public Attributes

union {
   uint8_t   command_
uint16_t page_
uint8_t busy_:1
uint8_t operation_:4
uint8_t start_:1
uint8_t unused2_:2

Static Public Attributes

static const unsigned SPI_ARBITRARY_OP = 3
static const unsigned SPI_BUFFER_ADDR = 0xF400
static const unsigned SPI_COMMAND_ADDR = 0x0230
static const unsigned SPI_READ_OP = 0
static const unsigned SPI_WRITE_OP = 1

Detailed Description

Definition at line 44 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::build_arbitrary ( unsigned  length)

Definition at line 71 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

void ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::build_read ( unsigned  page)

Definition at line 59 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

void ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::build_write ( unsigned  page)

Definition at line 65 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

union { ... } ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::__attribute__
uint8_t ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::busy_

Definition at line 54 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

uint8_t ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::command_

Definition at line 49 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

uint8_t ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::operation_

Definition at line 52 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

uint16_t ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::page_

Definition at line 46 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

const unsigned ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::SPI_ARBITRARY_OP = 3

Definition at line 80 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

const unsigned ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::SPI_BUFFER_ADDR = 0xF400

Definition at line 83 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

const unsigned ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::SPI_COMMAND_ADDR = 0x0230

Definition at line 82 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

const unsigned ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::SPI_READ_OP = 0

Definition at line 78 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

const unsigned ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::SPI_WRITE_OP = 1

Definition at line 79 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

uint8_t ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::start_

Definition at line 53 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

uint8_t ethercat_hardware::WG0XSpiEepromCmd::unused2_

Definition at line 55 of file wg_eeprom.cpp.

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