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youbot::ErrorAndStatus Class Reference

#include <YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ErrorAndStatus ()
void getParameter (unsigned int &parameter) const
void toString (std::string &value)
virtual ~ErrorAndStatus ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from youbot::YouBotJointParameterReadOnly
virtual ~YouBotJointParameterReadOnly ()

Private Member Functions

std::string getName () const
ParameterType getType () const
void getYouBotMailboxMsg (YouBotSlaveMailboxMsg &message, TMCLCommandNumber msgType, const YouBotJointStorage &storage) const
void parseYouBotErrorFlags () const
void setYouBotMailboxMsg (const YouBotSlaveMailboxMsg &message, const YouBotJointStorage &storage)

Private Attributes

std::string name
ParameterType parameterType
unsigned int value


class YouBotJoint

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from youbot::YouBotJointParameterReadOnly
 YouBotJointParameterReadOnly ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from youbot::YouBotJointParameterReadOnly
std::string name
ParameterType parameterType

Detailed Description

Error and Status flags of the joint. Bit 0: Overcurrent flag. This flag is set if overcurrent limit is exceeded.
Bit 1: Undervoltage flag. This flag is set if supply voltage to low for motor operation.
Bit 2: Overvoltage flag. This flag is set if the motor becomes switched off due to overvoltage.
Bit 3: Overtemperature flag. This flag is set if overtemperature limit is exceeded.
Bit 4: Motor halted flag. This flag is set if motor has been switched off.
Bit 5: Hall error flag. This flag is set upon a hall error.
Bit 6: Encoder error flag. This flag is set upon an encoder error.
Bit 7: Winding error flag. [currently not used]
Bit 8: Cycle time violation. [currently not used]
Bit 9: Initialization error of sine commutation. This flag is set if initialization is failed.
Bit 10: Position mode flag. This flag is set when the module is in positioning mode.
Bit 11: Position end flag. This flag becomes set if the motor has been stopped at the end position.

Definition at line 143 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

youbot::ErrorAndStatus::ErrorAndStatus ( )

Definition at line 109 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.cpp.

youbot::ErrorAndStatus::~ErrorAndStatus ( )

Definition at line 116 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

std::string youbot::ErrorAndStatus::getName ( ) const
void youbot::ErrorAndStatus::getParameter ( unsigned int &  parameter) const

Definition at line 121 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.cpp.

ParameterType youbot::ErrorAndStatus::getType ( ) const
void youbot::ErrorAndStatus::getYouBotMailboxMsg ( YouBotSlaveMailboxMsg message,
TMCLCommandNumber  msgType,
const YouBotJointStorage storage 
) const
void youbot::ErrorAndStatus::parseYouBotErrorFlags ( ) const

Definition at line 154 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.cpp.

void youbot::ErrorAndStatus::setYouBotMailboxMsg ( const YouBotSlaveMailboxMsg message,
const YouBotJointStorage storage 
void youbot::ErrorAndStatus::toString ( std::string &  value)

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class YouBotJoint

Definition at line 144 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

std::string youbot::ErrorAndStatus::name

Definition at line 168 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.hpp.

ParameterType youbot::ErrorAndStatus::parameterType

Definition at line 170 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.hpp.

unsigned int youbot::ErrorAndStatus::value

Definition at line 166 of file YouBotJointParameterReadOnly.hpp.

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