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towr_xpp_ee_map.h File Reference
#include <map>
#include <towr/models/endeffector_mappings.h>
#include <xpp_states/endeffector_mappings.h>
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static xpp::StateLinXd towr::ToXpp (const towr::State &towr)
static std::pair< xpp::EndeffectorID, std::string > towr::ToXppEndeffector (int number_of_ee, int towr_ee_id)


static std::map< towr::BipedIDs, std::string > towr::biped_to_name
static std::map< towr::BipedIDs, xpp::biped::FootIDstowr::biped_to_xpp_id
static std::map< towr::QuadrupedIDs, std::string > towr::quad_to_name
static std::map< towr::QuadrupedIDs, xpp::quad::FootIDstowr::quad_to_xpp_id

Detailed Description

Mapping information/types between towr and xpp domain for visualization.

Definition in file towr_xpp_ee_map.h.

Author(s): Alexander W. Winkler
autogenerated on Fri Apr 2 2021 02:14:22