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This is a ROS interface to the Shadow Robot's robotic hand. It contains both an interface to the real hand (communicating via a CAN interface) and a simulated version of the hand. It also contains an interface to Shadow Robot's muscle arm.


This is a generic ROS interface used to access and experiment with Shadow Robot's hardware. It can be used either for accessing the real hardware or use a virtual hand to test your algorithm / utilities. It also contains an interface to Shadow Robot's muscle arm.

Code API

The classes directly interacting or simulating the Dextrous hand are the following:

You can find the documentation regarding the different publishers and the subscriber here: shadowhand_publisher::ShadowhandPublisher, shadowhand_subscriber::ShadowhandSubscriber, shadowhand_diagnosticer::ShadowhandDiagnosticer .

The package also contains a python library to access the ROS interface through easy to use high level python commands. Please refer to This library is used to develop the sr_control_gui interface.


There's a few examples in the examples directory in sr_hand. You can have a look at the example link_joints.cpp, or the same example written in python:

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