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ecos_rec_mutex.h File Reference
#include <cyg/kernel/kapi.h>
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struct  cyg_recursive_mutex_t


void cyg_recursive_mutex_destroy (cyg_recursive_mutex_t *mx)
 Destroy. More...
void cyg_recursive_mutex_init (cyg_recursive_mutex_t *mx)
 Initialize recursive mutex. More...
bool cyg_recursive_mutex_lock (cyg_recursive_mutex_t *mx)
 Lock recursive mutex. More...
bool cyg_recursive_mutex_trylock (cyg_recursive_mutex_t *mx)
 Trylock. More...
void cyg_recursive_mutex_unlock (cyg_recursive_mutex_t *mx)
 Unlock. More...

Function Documentation

void cyg_recursive_mutex_destroy ( cyg_recursive_mutex_t mx)


Definition at line 102 of file ecos_rec_mutex.c.

void cyg_recursive_mutex_init ( cyg_recursive_mutex_t mx)

Initialize recursive mutex.

Definition at line 30 of file ecos_rec_mutex.c.

bool cyg_recursive_mutex_lock ( cyg_recursive_mutex_t mx)

Lock recursive mutex.

Definition at line 37 of file ecos_rec_mutex.c.

bool cyg_recursive_mutex_trylock ( cyg_recursive_mutex_t mx)


Definition at line 58 of file ecos_rec_mutex.c.

void cyg_recursive_mutex_unlock ( cyg_recursive_mutex_t mx)


Definition at line 78 of file ecos_rec_mutex.c.

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