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rqt_controller_manager.controller_manager Namespace Reference


class  ControllerManager
class  ControllerTable
class  FontDelegate


def _append_ns (in_ns, suffix)
def _resolve_controllers_ns (cm_ns)
def _rosparam_controller_type (ctrls_ns, ctrl_name)

Function Documentation

def rqt_controller_manager.controller_manager._append_ns (   in_ns,
Append a sub-namespace (suffix) to the input namespace
@param in_ns Input namespace
@type in_ns str
@return Suffix namespace
@rtype str

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def rqt_controller_manager.controller_manager._resolve_controllers_ns (   cm_ns)
Resolve the namespace containing controller configurations from that of
the controller manager.
Controllers are assumed to live one level above the controller
manager, e.g.

    >>> _resolve_controller_ns('/path/to/controller_manager')

In the particular case in which the controller manager is not
namespaced, the controller is assumed to live in the root namespace

    >>> _resolve_controller_ns('/')
    >>> _resolve_controller_ns('')
@param cm_ns Controller manager namespace (can be an empty string)
@type cm_ns str
@return Controllers namespace
@rtype str

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def rqt_controller_manager.controller_manager._rosparam_controller_type (   ctrls_ns,
Get a controller's type from its ROS parameter server configuration
@param ctrls_ns Namespace where controllers should be located
@type ctrls_ns str
@param ctrl_name Controller name
@type ctrl_name str
@return Controller type
@rtype str

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