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drv_uart.c File Reference
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "stm32f10x_conf.h"
#include "drv_serial.h"
#include "drv_gpio.h"
#include "drv_uart.h"
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void DMA1_Channel4_IRQHandler (void)
bool isUartTransmitBufferEmpty (serialPort_t *instance)
uartPort_tserialUSART1 (uint32_t baudRate, portMode_t mode)
serialPort_tuartOpen (USART_TypeDef *USARTx, serialReceiveCallbackPtr callback, uint32_t baudRate, portMode_t mode)
uint8_t uartRead (serialPort_t *instance)
void uartSetBaudRate (serialPort_t *instance, uint32_t baudRate)
void uartSetMode (serialPort_t *s, portMode_t mode)
static void uartStartTxDMA (uartPort_t *s)
uint8_t uartTotalBytesWaiting (serialPort_t *instance)
void uartWrite (serialPort_t *instance, uint8_t ch)
void USART1_IRQHandler (void)


static uartPort_t uartPort1
const struct serialPortVTable uartVTable []

Function Documentation

void DMA1_Channel4_IRQHandler ( void  )

Definition at line 274 of file drv_uart.c.

bool isUartTransmitBufferEmpty ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 220 of file drv_uart.c.

uartPort_t* serialUSART1 ( uint32_t  baudRate,
portMode_t  mode 

Definition at line 36 of file drv_uart.c.

serialPort_t* uartOpen ( USART_TypeDef USARTx,
serialReceiveCallbackPtr  callback,
uint32_t  baudRate,
portMode_t  mode 

Definition at line 80 of file drv_uart.c.

uint8_t uartRead ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 229 of file drv_uart.c.

void uartSetBaudRate ( serialPort_t instance,
uint32_t  baudRate 

Definition at line 167 of file drv_uart.c.

void uartSetMode ( serialPort_t s,
portMode_t  mode 

Definition at line 187 of file drv_uart.c.

static void uartStartTxDMA ( uartPort_t s)

Definition at line 195 of file drv_uart.c.

uint8_t uartTotalBytesWaiting ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 209 of file drv_uart.c.

void uartWrite ( serialPort_t instance,
uint8_t  ch 

Definition at line 246 of file drv_uart.c.

void USART1_IRQHandler ( void  )

Definition at line 287 of file drv_uart.c.

Variable Documentation

uartPort_t uartPort1

Definition at line 33 of file drv_uart.c.

const struct serialPortVTable uartVTable[]
Initial value:
= {
uint8_t uartRead(serialPort_t *instance)
Definition: drv_uart.c:229
bool isUartTransmitBufferEmpty(serialPort_t *instance)
Definition: drv_uart.c:220
void uartSetMode(serialPort_t *s, portMode_t mode)
Definition: drv_uart.c:187
void uartWrite(serialPort_t *instance, uint8_t ch)
Definition: drv_uart.c:246
void uartSetBaudRate(serialPort_t *instance, uint32_t baudRate)
Definition: drv_uart.c:167
uint8_t uartTotalBytesWaiting(serialPort_t *instance)
Definition: drv_uart.c:209

Definition at line 260 of file drv_uart.c.

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