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drv_serial.h File Reference
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struct  serialPort
struct  serialPortVTable


typedef enum portMode_t portMode_t
typedef struct serialPort serialPort_t
typedef void(* serialReceiveCallbackPtr) (uint16_t data)


enum  portMode_t { MODE_RX = 1 << 0, MODE_TX = 1 << 1, MODE_RXTX = MODE_RX | MODE_TX, MODE_SBUS = 1 << 2 }


bool isSerialTransmitBufferEmpty (serialPort_t *instance)
uint32_t serialGetBaudRate (serialPort_t *instance)
void serialPrint (serialPort_t *instance, const char *str)
uint8_t serialRead (serialPort_t *instance)
void serialSetBaudRate (serialPort_t *instance, uint32_t baudRate)
void serialSetMode (serialPort_t *instance, portMode_t mode)
uint8_t serialTotalBytesWaiting (serialPort_t *instance)
void serialWrite (serialPort_t *instance, uint8_t ch)

Typedef Documentation

typedef enum portMode_t portMode_t
typedef struct serialPort serialPort_t
typedef void(* serialReceiveCallbackPtr) (uint16_t data)

Definition at line 24 of file drv_serial.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum portMode_t

Definition at line 26 of file drv_serial.h.

Function Documentation

bool isSerialTransmitBufferEmpty ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 60 of file drv_serial.c.

uint32_t serialGetBaudRate ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 35 of file drv_serial.c.

void serialPrint ( serialPort_t instance,
const char *  str 

Definition at line 27 of file drv_serial.c.

uint8_t serialRead ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 50 of file drv_serial.c.

void serialSetBaudRate ( serialPort_t instance,
uint32_t  baudRate 

Definition at line 55 of file drv_serial.c.

void serialSetMode ( serialPort_t instance,
portMode_t  mode 

Definition at line 65 of file drv_serial.c.

uint8_t serialTotalBytesWaiting ( serialPort_t instance)

Definition at line 45 of file drv_serial.c.

void serialWrite ( serialPort_t instance,
uint8_t  ch 

Definition at line 40 of file drv_serial.c.

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