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GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode Struct Reference

#include <gridslamprocessor.h>

Public Member Functions

 TNode (const OrientedPoint &pose, double weight, TNode *parent=0, unsigned int childs=0)
 ~TNode ()

Public Attributes

double accWeight
unsigned int childs
bool flag
double gweight
OrientedPoint pose
const RangeReadingreading
unsigned int visitCounter
double weight

Detailed Description

This class defines the the node of reversed tree in which the trajectories are stored. Each node of a tree has a pointer to its parent and a counter indicating the number of childs of a node. The tree is updated in a way consistent with the operation performed on the particles.

Definition at line 42 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::TNode ( const OrientedPoint pose,
double  weight,
TNode parent = 0,
unsigned int  childs = 0 

Constructs a node of the trajectory tree.

posethe pose of the robot in the trajectory
weightthe weight of the particle at that point in the trajectory
accWeightthe cumulative weight of the particle
parentthe parent node in the tree
childsthe number of childs

Definition at line 16 of file gridslamprocessor_tree.cpp.

GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::~TNode ( )

Destroys a tree node, and consistently updates the tree. If a node whose parent has only one child is deleted, also the parent node is deleted. This because the parent will not be reacheable anymore in the trajectory tree.

Definition at line 31 of file gridslamprocessor_tree.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

double GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::accWeight

The sum of all the particle weights in the previous part of the trajectory

Definition at line 63 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

unsigned int GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::childs

The number of childs

Definition at line 75 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

bool GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::flag

visit flag (internally used)

Definition at line 81 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

double GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::gweight

Definition at line 65 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

TNode* GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::parent

The parent

Definition at line 69 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

OrientedPoint GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::pose

The pose of the robot

Definition at line 57 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

const RangeReading* GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::reading

The range reading to which this node is associated

Definition at line 72 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

unsigned int GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::visitCounter

counter in visiting the node (internally used)

Definition at line 78 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

double GMapping::GridSlamProcessor::TNode::weight

The weight of the particle

Definition at line 60 of file gridslamprocessor.h.

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