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GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor Class Reference

#include <scanmatcherprocessor.h>

Public Member Functions

const ScanMatcherMapgetMap () const
OrientedPoint getPose () const
void init ()
ScanMatchermatcher ()
virtual void processScan (const RangeReading &reading)
 ScanMatcherProcessor (const ScanMatcherMap &m)
 ScanMatcherProcessor (double xmin, double ymin, double xmax, double ymax, double delta, double patchdelta)
void setMatchingParameters (double urange, double range, double sigma, int kernsize, double lopt, double aopt, int iterations, bool computeCovariance=false)
void setmaxMove (double mmove)
void setRegistrationParameters (double regScore, double critScore)
void setSensorMap (const SensorMap &smap, std::string sensorName="FLASER")
virtual ~ScanMatcherProcessor ()

Public Attributes

bool useICP

Protected Attributes

unsigned int m_beams
bool m_computeCovariance
int m_count
double m_critScore
bool m_first
ScanMatcherMap m_map
ScanMatcher m_matcher
double m_maxMove
OrientedPoint m_odoPose
OrientedPoint m_pose
double m_regScore
SensorMap m_sensorMap

Detailed Description

Definition at line 12 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::ScanMatcherProcessor ( const ScanMatcherMap m)

Definition at line 10 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::ScanMatcherProcessor ( double  xmin,
double  ymin,
double  xmax,
double  ymax,
double  delta,
double  patchdelta 

Definition at line 24 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::~ScanMatcherProcessor ( )

Definition at line 35 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

const ScanMatcherMap& GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::getMap ( ) const

Definition at line 24 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

OrientedPoint GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::getPose ( ) const

Definition at line 228 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

void GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::init ( )

Definition at line 65 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

ScanMatcher& GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::matcher ( )

Definition at line 25 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

void GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::processScan ( const RangeReading reading)

retireve the position from the reading, and compute the odometry

Definition at line 71 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

void GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::setMatchingParameters ( double  urange,
double  range,
double  sigma,
int  kernsize,
double  lopt,
double  aopt,
int  iterations,
bool  computeCovariance = false 

Definition at line 217 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

void GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::setmaxMove ( double  mmove)

Definition at line 26 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

void GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::setRegistrationParameters ( double  regScore,
double  critScore 

Definition at line 222 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

void GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::setSensorMap ( const SensorMap smap,
std::string  sensorName = "FLASER" 

Definition at line 40 of file scanmatcherprocessor.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

unsigned int GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_beams

Definition at line 34 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

bool GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_computeCovariance

Definition at line 30 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

int GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_count

Definition at line 40 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

double GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_critScore

Definition at line 33 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

bool GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_first

Definition at line 31 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

ScanMatcherMap GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_map

Definition at line 37 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

ScanMatcher GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_matcher

Definition at line 29 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

double GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_maxMove

Definition at line 35 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

OrientedPoint GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_odoPose

Definition at line 39 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

OrientedPoint GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_pose

Definition at line 38 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

double GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_regScore

Definition at line 33 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

SensorMap GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::m_sensorMap

Definition at line 32 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

bool GMapping::ScanMatcherProcessor::useICP

Definition at line 27 of file scanmatcherprocessor.h.

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