GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell > Member List

This is the complete list of members for GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >, including all inherited members.

allocActiveArea()GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
Array2D(int xsize=0, int ysize=0)GMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >
Array2D(const Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > >, false > &)GMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >
cell(int x, int y) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
cell(int x, int y)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
cell(const IntPoint &p) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
cell(const IntPoint &p)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
cells()GMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >inline
cellState(int x, int y) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
cellState(const IntPoint &p) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
clear()GMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >
createPatch(const IntPoint &p) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >protectedvirtual
getActiveArea() const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
getPatchMagnitude() const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
getPatchSize() const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
getXSize() constGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >inline
getYSize() constGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >inline
HierarchicalArray2D(int xsize, int ysize, int patchMagnitude=5)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >
HierarchicalArray2D(const HierarchicalArray2D &hg)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >
isAllocated(int x, int y) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
isAllocated(const IntPoint &p) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
isInside(int x, int y) constGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >inline
isInside(const IntPoint &p) constGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >inline
m_activeAreaGMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >protected
m_cellsGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >
m_patchMagnitudeGMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >protected
m_patchSizeGMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >protected
m_xsizeGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >protected
m_ysizeGMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >protected
operator=(const HierarchicalArray2D &hg)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >
Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >::operator=(const Array2D &)GMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >
patchIndexes(int x, int y) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
patchIndexes(const IntPoint &p) const GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
PointSet typedefGMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >
resize(int ixmin, int iymin, int ixmax, int iymax)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >
setActiveArea(const PointSet &, bool patchCoords=false)GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inline
~Array2D()GMapping::Array2D< autoptr< Array2D< Cell > > >
~HierarchicalArray2D()GMapping::HierarchicalArray2D< Cell >inlinevirtual

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