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RtmSystemDraw Namespace Reference


class  __Cleanup
class  GRectOval
class  GRtc
class  GRtcIn
class  GRtcLine
class  GRtcOut
class  makeCompositeShape
class  makeInportPolygon
class  makeLineShape
class  makeOutportPolygon
class  makeRectangle
class  makeRectOval
class  makeTextShape
class  makeToolTip
class  MyEvtHandler
class  MyEvtHandlerBmp
class  MyEvtHandlerDummy
class  MyEvtHandlerLine
class  MyEvtHandlerOval
class  MyPortEvtHandler
class  MyTextDropTarget
class  RtdSystemDraw


def getBufferedDC (canvas)
def runTest (frame, nb, log)
def setBodyColor (shape, colorFlag)


 __cu = __Cleanup()
string ACTIVE_COLOR = "green"
int BOX_WIDTH = 50
int DUP_CONNECT = -1
string ERROR_COLOR = "red"
int FALSE = 0
string INACTIVE_COLOR = "blue"
string MARK_COLOR = "red"
string OUTLINE_COLOR = "red"
string overview
 wx.Trap() More...
string strASKMESSAGE = "Old Connection Information was found.\nDelete it and reconnect?"
string strASM_CONNECT = "Connect"
string strASM_DELETE = "Delete"
string strDEL_SELECT = "Delete Selected Item"
string strDEL_SYS = "Current System is Deleted when OPEN.\nDelete It?"
string strDELITEM = "Delete Item"
string strEXIT = "Exit"
string strKILL = "Kill"
string strOPEN = "Open System"
string strOPEN_TITLE = "Open a file"
string strREFRESH = "Refresh"
string strRESET = "Reset"
string strSAVE = "Save System"
string strSAVE_AS = "Save System As"
string strSAVE_AS_TITLE = "Save file as ..."
string strSTART = "Start"
string strSTOP = "Stop"
string TEXT_COLOR = "red"
int TRUE = 1
string UNLOADED_COLOR = "black"

Function Documentation

def RtmSystemDraw.getBufferedDC (   canvas)

canvas      -- キャンバス

dc         -- BufferedDC

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def RtmSystemDraw.runTest (   frame,

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def RtmSystemDraw.setBodyColor (   shape,

shape      -- 図形(Shape)オブジェクト
colorFlag  -- コンポーネントの状態を示す文字列
              select, unloaded, inactive, active, error, virtual


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Variable Documentation

RtmSystemDraw.__cu = __Cleanup()

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string RtmSystemDraw.ACTIVE_COLOR = "green"

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string RtmSystemDraw.BACK_COLOR = "WHITE"

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int RtmSystemDraw.BOX_WIDTH = 50

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int RtmSystemDraw.DUP_CONNECT = -1

Definition at line 58 of file

string RtmSystemDraw.ERROR_COLOR = "red"

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int RtmSystemDraw.FALSE = 0

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string RtmSystemDraw.INACTIVE_COLOR = "blue"

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string RtmSystemDraw.MARK_COLOR = "red"

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string RtmSystemDraw.OUTLINE_COLOR = "red"

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string RtmSystemDraw.overview
Initial value:
1 = """\
2 The Object Graphics Library is a library supporting the creation and
3 manipulation of simple and complex graphic images on a canvas.
5 """

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int RtmSystemDraw.POLYGON_SIZE = 12

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string RtmSystemDraw.SELECTED_COLOR = "LIGHT BLUE"


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string RtmSystemDraw.strASKMESSAGE = "Old Connection Information was found.\nDelete it and reconnect?"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strASM_CONNECT = "Connect"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strASM_DELETE = "Delete"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strDEL_SELECT = "Delete Selected Item"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strDEL_SYS = "Current System is Deleted when OPEN.\nDelete It?"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strDELITEM = "Delete Item"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strEXIT = "Exit"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strKILL = "Kill"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strOPEN = "Open System"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strOPEN_TITLE = "Open a file"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strREFRESH = "Refresh"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strRESET = "Reset"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strSAVE = "Save System"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strSAVE_AS = "Save System As"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strSAVE_AS_TITLE = "Save file as ..."

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string RtmSystemDraw.strSTART = "Start"

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string RtmSystemDraw.strSTOP = "Stop"

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string RtmSystemDraw.TEXT_COLOR = "red"

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int RtmSystemDraw.TRUE = 1

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string RtmSystemDraw.UNLOADED_COLOR = "black"

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int RtmSystemDraw.USE_BUFFERED_DC = 1

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string RtmSystemDraw.VIRTUAL_COLOR = "WHITE"

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