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rtc-template Namespace Reference


class  Backend
class  BackendLoader
class  Struct


def CreateActions (opts)
def CreateBasicInfo (opts)
def CreateConfigurationSet (opts)
def CreateDataPorts (opts)
def CreateId (dict)
def CreateServicePorts (opts)
def find_opt (opts, value, default)
def find_opt_list (opts, value, default)
def FindIdlFile (opts, ifname)
def fmtd_args (width, args)
def main ()
def PickupIDLFiles (dict)
def usage ()
def usage_long ()
def usage_short ()


string default_profile
 libdir_path = os.popen("rtm-config --libdir", "r").read().split("\n")
list opt_args_fmt
string pyhelper_path = libdir_path[0]+"/py_helper"

Function Documentation

def rtc-template.CreateActions (   opts)

Definition at line 469 of file origin/

def rtc-template.CreateBasicInfo (   opts)

Create ModuleProfile list from command options

Definition at line 387 of file origin/

def rtc-template.CreateConfigurationSet (   opts)

Create Configuration list from command options

Definition at line 497 of file origin/

def rtc-template.CreateDataPorts (   opts)

Create PortProfile list from command options

Definition at line 546 of file origin/

def rtc-template.CreateId (   dict)

Definition at line 732 of file origin/

def rtc-template.CreateServicePorts (   opts)

Create Port interface profile list from command options

Definition at line 603 of file origin/

def rtc-template.find_opt (   opts,

Definition at line 739 of file origin/

def rtc-template.find_opt_list (   opts,

Definition at line 747 of file origin/

def rtc-template.FindIdlFile (   opts,

Definition at line 692 of file origin/

def rtc-template.fmtd_args (   width,

Definition at line 848 of file origin/

def rtc-template.main ( )

Definition at line 863 of file origin/

def rtc-template.PickupIDLFiles (   dict)

Definition at line 708 of file origin/

def rtc-template.usage ( void  )

Definition at line 381 of file origin/

def rtc-template.usage_long ( )
Help message

Definition at line 269 of file origin/

def rtc-template.usage_short ( )
Help message

Definition at line 238 of file origin/

Variable Documentation

string rtc-template.default_profile

Definition at line 26 of file origin/

rtc-template.libdir_path = os.popen("rtm-config --libdir", "r").read().split("\n")

Definition at line 207 of file origin/

list rtc-template.opt_args_fmt
Initial value:
1 = ["help",
2  "module-name=",
3  "module-type=",
4  "module-desc=",
5  "module-version=",
6  "module-vendor=",
7  "module-category=",
8  "module-comp-type=",
9  "module-act-type=",
10  "module-max-inst=",
11  "module-lang=",
12  "config=",
13  "inport=",
14  "outport=",
15  "service=",
16  "service-idl=",
17  "consumer=",
18  "consumer-idl=",
19  "idl-include=",
20  "backend="]

Definition at line 216 of file origin/

string rtc-template.pyhelper_path = libdir_path[0]+"/py_helper"

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