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com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView Class Reference

view for PathPlanner More...

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Public Member Functions

 GrxPathPlanningView (String name, GrxPluginManager manager, GrxBaseViewPart vp, Composite parent)
 constructor More...
void registerItemChange (GrxBaseItem item, int event)
void setEnabled (boolean b)
void setUp ()
void shutdown ()
void update (GrxBasePlugin plugin, Object...arg)
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBaseView
 GrxBaseView (String name, GrxPluginManager manager_, GrxBaseViewPart vp, Composite parent)
 constructor More...
void setName (String name)
GrxBaseViewPart getViewPart ()
 get view part More...
Composite getParent ()
 get parent composite More...
Composite getComposite ()
 get composite. SWTのパーツはここで取得できるコンポジット上に設置する。 More...
void setScrollMinSize (int width, int height)
 set scroll minimum size More...
boolean cleanup (List< GrxBaseItem > itemList)
 cleanup More...
void itemListChanged ()
 this method is called by PluginManager when list of items is changed More...
void focusedItemChanged (GrxBaseItem item)
void propertyChanged ()
 This method is called when a property of plugin is changed. More...
void registerItemChange (GrxBaseItem item, int event)
void update (GrxBasePlugin plugin, Object...arg)
void updatePosition (GrxBasePlugin plugin, Integer pos)
void updateTableFont ()
void updateEditerFont ()
void restoreProperties ()
Element storeProperties ()
void setUp ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBasePlugin
void addObserver (GrxObserver v)
GrxBasePlugin clone ()
 Override clone method. More...
void deleteObserver (GrxObserver v)
boolean equals (Object obj)
 check whether obj equals to this More...
Element getElement ()
 get element More...
Image getIcon ()
 get icon More...
Vector< Action > getMenu ()
 get menu More...
String[] getMenuPath ()
 get menu path More...
final String getName ()
 get name More...
ArrayList< GrxObservergetObserver ()
String getOldName ()
Vector< MenuManager > getSubMenu ()
 get subMenu More...
String getURL (boolean expand)
ValueEditType GetValueEditType (String key)
 Return editing type of the key item. More...
boolean isExclusive ()
 check whether this is exclusive or not More...
boolean isSelected ()
 check whether this is selected or not More...
void notifyObservers (Object...arg)
boolean propertyChanged (String property, String value)
 check validity of new value of property and update if valid More...
boolean registerCORBA ()
void rename (String newName)
 rename this item More...
void restoreProperties ()
 restore properties. Called by menu item "restore Properties" More...
void setDocument (Document doc)
 set document More...
void setElement (Element element)
 set element More...
void setExclusive (boolean b)
 set exclusive flag More...
void setFocused (boolean b)
 set/unset focus on this plugin More...
void setMenuItem (Action a)
 add a menu item More...
void setName (String name)
 set name More...
Object setProperty (String key, String value)
 set property value associated with a keyword More...
void setSelected (boolean b)
 set selected flag More...
void setSubMenu (MenuManager m)
 add a submenu More...
void setURL (String url)
 set URL property More...
void shutdown ()
Element storeProperties ()
 store properties More...
final String toString ()
 convert to String. Currently, name is returned. More...
void unregisterCORBA ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.util.GrxConfigBundle
final Double getDbl (String key, Double defaultVal)
 get double value associated to key More...
Double getDbl (String value)
final double[] getDblAry (String key, double[] defaultVal)
 get double array associated to key More...
double[] getDblAry (String value)
 get array of double from String More...
final Float getFlt (String key, Float defaultVal)
 get float value associated to key More...
final Float getFlt (String value)
final float[] getFltAry (String key, float[] defaultVal)
 get float array associated to key More...
float[] getFltAry (String value)
final Integer getInt (String key, Integer defaultVal)
 get integer value associated to key More...
final int[] getIntAry (String key)
 get integer array associated to key More...
final Short getShort (String key, Short defaultVal)
 get short value associated to key More...
Short getShort (String value)
final String getStr (String key)
 get value associated to keyword More...
final String getStr (String key, String defaultVal)
 get value associated to key More...
 GrxConfigBundle ()
 constructor More...
 GrxConfigBundle (String fname) throws IOException
 construct from a file More...
final boolean isFalse (String key)
 check whether value associated to key includes a word "false" More...
final boolean isFalse (String key, boolean defaultVal)
 check whether value associated to key includes a word "false" More...
final boolean isTrue (String key)
 check whether value associated to key includes a word "true" More...
final boolean isTrue (String key, boolean defaultVal)
 check whether value associated to key includes a word "true" More...
void load (String fname) throws IOException
 load config from a file More...
final void setBool (String key, boolean value)
final void setDbl (String key, double value)
 associate double value to key More...
final void setDbl (String key, double value, int digits)
 associate double value to key More...
final void setDblAry (String key, double[] value, int digits)
 associate double array to key More...
final void setDblAry (String key, double[] value)
 associate double array to key More...
final void setFlt (String key, float value)
 associate float value to key More...
final void setFltAry (String key, float[] value)
 associate float array to key More...
final void setInt (String key, int value)
 associate int value to key More...
final void setShort (String key, short value)
 associate short value to key More...
void store (String fname, String comments) throws IOException
 store this config More...

Static Public Attributes

static final String TITLE = "Path Planning"

Private Member Functions

void carpet (double[] start, double[] goal)
void displayCarpet ()
Composite getComp (int grid, int style)
void getEndPoint ()
String getRobotBaseLink (GrxModelItem model)
void getStartPoint ()
void initGUI ()
void initJava3D ()
void pathGraph ()
void removeCarpet ()
 カーペットを削除 More...
void setppaItem ()
void update ()
 移動動作設計コンポーネントから経路計画アルゴリズム名、移動アルゴリズム名、経路最適化アルゴリズム名を取得する More...

Private Attributes

Combo algoSelect
Button btnCalcStart
Button btnSetEndPoint
Button btnSetStartPoint
BranchGroup carpet_
Transform3D carpetTrans
TransformGroup carpetTransGroup
Text carpetZ
Button chkRebuildRoadmap_
Label imgLabel
Combo mobilitySelect
Combo modelSelect
Button optimizeButton
Combo optimizerSelect
GrxPathPlanningAlgorithmItem ppaItem_ = null
Switch switcher_
Text textEndX
Text textStartX
Text tolerance_
Button updatePropertyButton
Grx3DView view_ = null

Static Private Attributes

static final String FORMAT = "%.3f"
static final int TEXT_WIDTH = 64

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBaseView
static Dimension getDefaultButtonSize ()
 get default button size More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBasePlugin
static Object getField (Class<?extends GrxBasePlugin > cls, String field, Object defaultValue)
 get field More...
- Public Attributes inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBaseView
boolean isScrollable_ = true
double min
- Protected Member Functions inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBasePlugin
 GrxBasePlugin (String name, GrxPluginManager manager)
 constructor More...
void setIcon (String iconName)
 set icon More...
void setMenuPath (String[] path)
 set menu path More...
boolean syncExec (Runnable r)
 Transfer SWT UI thread. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBaseView
Composite composite_
- Protected Attributes inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBasePlugin
Document doc_
Element element_
GrxPluginManager manager_
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxBasePlugin
static final String[] booleanComboItem_ = new String[] {"true", "false" }
static final String INDENT4 = " "
static final String ITEM_TAG = "item"
static final String PROPERTY_TAG = "property"
static final String VIEW_TAG = "view"

Detailed Description

view for PathPlanner

Definition at line 85 of file

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.GrxPathPlanningView ( String  name,
GrxPluginManager  manager,
GrxBaseViewPart  vp,
Composite  parent 



Definition at line 143 of file

Member Function Documentation

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.carpet ( double[]  start,
double[]  goal 



Definition at line 663 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.displayCarpet ( )

Definition at line 650 of file

Composite com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.getComp ( int  grid,
int  style 

Definition at line 175 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.getEndPoint ( )

Definition at line 622 of file

String com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.getRobotBaseLink ( GrxModelItem  model)

Definition at line 597 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.getStartPoint ( )

Definition at line 601 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.initGUI ( )

Definition at line 186 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.initJava3D ( )

Definition at line 521 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.pathGraph ( )


Definition at line 704 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.registerItemChange ( GrxBaseItem  item,
int  event 
void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.removeCarpet ( )


Definition at line 587 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.setEnabled ( boolean  b)

enable/disable this view

btrue to enable, false otherwise

Definition at line 894 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.setppaItem ( )

Definition at line 783 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.setUp ( )
void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.shutdown ( )

Definition at line 916 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.update ( void  )


Definition at line 550 of file

void com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.update ( GrxBasePlugin  plugin,
Object...  arg 

Implements com.generalrobotix.ui.GrxObserver.

Definition at line 908 of file

Member Data Documentation

Combo com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.algoSelect

Definition at line 111 of file

Button com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.btnCalcStart

Definition at line 115 of file

Button com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.btnSetEndPoint

Definition at line 107 of file

Button com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.btnSetStartPoint

Definition at line 104 of file

BranchGroup com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.carpet_

Definition at line 130 of file

Transform3D com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.carpetTrans

Definition at line 128 of file

TransformGroup com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.carpetTransGroup

Definition at line 129 of file

Text com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.carpetZ

Definition at line 119 of file

Button com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.chkRebuildRoadmap_

Definition at line 124 of file

final String com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.FORMAT = "%.3f"

Definition at line 101 of file

Label com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.imgLabel

Definition at line 116 of file

Combo com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.mobilitySelect

Definition at line 94 of file

Combo com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.modelSelect

Definition at line 91 of file

Button com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.optimizeButton

Definition at line 98 of file

Combo com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.optimizerSelect

Definition at line 97 of file

GrxPathPlanningAlgorithmItem com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.ppaItem_ = null

Definition at line 133 of file

Switch com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.switcher_

Definition at line 127 of file

final int com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.TEXT_WIDTH = 64

Definition at line 102 of file

Text com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.textEndX

Definition at line 108 of file

Text com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.textStartX

Definition at line 105 of file

final String com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.TITLE = "Path Planning"

Definition at line 86 of file

Text com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.tolerance_

Definition at line 122 of file

Button com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.updatePropertyButton

Definition at line 112 of file

Grx3DView com.generalrobotix.ui.view.GrxPathPlanningView.view_ = null

Definition at line 88 of file

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