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OPC_SweepAndPrune.cpp File Reference
#include "Stdafx.h"
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class  Opcode::SAP_Box
class  Opcode::SAP_Element
class  Opcode::SAP_EndPoint


inline_ BOOL Intersect (const AABB &a, const SAP_Box &b)
inline_ void Remap (SAP_Element *&element, udword delta)
inline_ void Sort (udword &id0, udword &id1)

Detailed Description

Contains an implementation of the sweep-and-prune algorithm (moved from Z-Collide)

Pierre Terdiman
January, 29, 2000

Definition in file OPC_SweepAndPrune.cpp.

Function Documentation

inline_ BOOL Intersect ( const AABB a,
const SAP_Box b 

Definition at line 522 of file OPC_SweepAndPrune.cpp.

inline_ void Remap ( SAP_Element *&  element,
udword  delta 

Remaps a pointer when pool gets resized.

element[in/out] remapped element
delta[in] offset in bytes

Definition at line 165 of file OPC_SweepAndPrune.cpp.

inline_ void Sort ( udword id0,
udword id1 

Definition at line 24 of file OPC_SweepAndPrune.cpp.

Author(s): AIST, General Robotix Inc., Nakamura Lab of Dept. of Mechano Informatics at University of Tokyo
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