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OPC_BoxPruning.cpp File Reference
#include "Stdafx.h"
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#define PRUNING_SORTER   RadixSort


inline_ void FindRunningIndex (udword &index, float *array, udword *sorted, int last, float max)
inline_ PRUNING_SORTERGetBipartitePruningSorter0 ()
inline_ PRUNING_SORTERGetBipartitePruningSorter1 ()
inline_ PRUNING_SORTERGetCompletePruningSorter ()
void ReleasePruningSorters ()


static PRUNING_SORTERgBipartitePruningSorter0 = null
static PRUNING_SORTERgBipartitePruningSorter1 = null
static PRUNING_SORTERgCompletePruningSorter = null

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Definition at line 175 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

#define PRUNING_SORTER   RadixSort

Definition at line 52 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

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inline_ void FindRunningIndex ( udword index,
float *  array,
udword sorted,
int  last,
float  max 

Definition at line 37 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

inline_ PRUNING_SORTER* GetBipartitePruningSorter0 ( )

Definition at line 64 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

inline_ PRUNING_SORTER* GetBipartitePruningSorter1 ( )

Definition at line 69 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

inline_ PRUNING_SORTER* GetCompletePruningSorter ( )

Definition at line 59 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

void ReleasePruningSorters ( )

Definition at line 74 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

Variable Documentation

PRUNING_SORTER* gBipartitePruningSorter0 = null

Definition at line 57 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

PRUNING_SORTER* gBipartitePruningSorter1 = null

Definition at line 58 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

PRUNING_SORTER* gCompletePruningSorter = null

Definition at line 56 of file OPC_BoxPruning.cpp.

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