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karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints Class Reference

#include <Karto.h>

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Public Member Functions

 LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints (const Name &rSensorName, const RangeReadingsVector &rReadings, const PointVectorDouble &rPoints)
virtual ~LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from karto::LocalizedRangeScan
const Pose2GetBarycenterPose () const
const BoundingBox2GetBoundingBox () const
const Pose2GetCorrectedPose () const
const Pose2GetOdometricPose () const
const PointVectorDoubleGetPointReadings (kt_bool wantFiltered=false) const
Pose2 GetReferencePose (kt_bool useBarycenter) const
Pose2 GetSensorAt (const Pose2 &rPose) const
Pose2 GetSensorPose () const
 LocalizedRangeScan (const Name &rSensorName, const RangeReadingsVector &rReadings)
void SetCorrectedPose (const Pose2 &rPose)
void SetOdometricPose (const Pose2 &rPose)
void SetSensorPose (const Pose2 &rScanPose)
virtual ~LocalizedRangeScan ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from karto::LaserRangeScan
LaserRangeFinderGetLaserRangeFinder () const
kt_int32u GetNumberOfRangeReadings () const
kt_doubleGetRangeReadings () const
RangeReadingsVector GetRangeReadingsVector () const
 LaserRangeScan (const Name &rSensorName)
 LaserRangeScan (const Name &rSensorName, const RangeReadingsVector &rRangeReadings)
void SetRangeReadings (const RangeReadingsVector &rRangeReadings)
virtual ~LaserRangeScan ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from karto::SensorData
void AddCustomData (CustomData *pCustomData)
const CustomDataVectorGetCustomData () const
const NameGetSensorName () const
kt_int32s GetStateId () const
kt_double GetTime () const
kt_int32s GetUniqueId () const
void SetStateId (kt_int32s stateId)
void SetTime (kt_double time)
void SetUniqueId (kt_int32u uniqueId)
virtual ~SensorData ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from karto::Object
virtual const char * GetClassName () const =0
const NameGetName () const
virtual kt_objecttype GetObjectType () const =0
AbstractParameterGetParameter (const std::string &rName) const
virtual ParameterManagerGetParameterManager ()
const ParameterVectorGetParameters () const
 Object ()
 Object (const Name &rName)
template<typename T >
void SetParameter (const std::string &rName, T value)
virtual ~Object ()

Private Member Functions

 LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints (const LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints &)
const LocalizedRangeScanWithPointsoperator= (const LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints &)
void Update ()

Private Attributes

const PointVectorDouble m_Points

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from karto::SensorData
 SensorData (const Name &rSensorName)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from karto::NonCopyable
 NonCopyable ()
virtual ~NonCopyable ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from karto::LocalizedRangeScan
Pose2 m_BarycenterPose
BoundingBox2 m_BoundingBox
kt_bool m_IsDirty
PointVectorDouble m_PointReadings
PointVectorDouble m_UnfilteredPointReadings

Detailed Description

The LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints is an extension of the LocalizedRangeScan with precomputed points.

Definition at line 5471 of file Karto.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints ( const Name rSensorName,
const RangeReadingsVector rReadings,
const PointVectorDouble rPoints 

Constructs a range scan from the given range finder with the given readings. Precomptued points should be in the robot frame.

Definition at line 5483 of file Karto.h.

virtual karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints::~LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints ( )


Definition at line 5493 of file Karto.h.

karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints ( const LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints )

Member Function Documentation

const LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints& karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints::operator= ( const LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints )
void karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints::Update ( )

Update the points based on the latest sensor pose.

Reimplemented from karto::LocalizedRangeScan.

Definition at line 5501 of file Karto.h.

Member Data Documentation

const PointVectorDouble karto::LocalizedRangeScanWithPoints::m_Points

Definition at line 5561 of file Karto.h.

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