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pick_place::PickPlace Class Reference

#include <pick_place.h>

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Public Member Functions

void displayComputedMotionPlans (bool flag)
void displayProcessedGrasps (bool flag)
const constraint_samplers::ConstraintSamplerManagerPtr & getConstraintsSamplerManager () const
const planning_pipeline::PlanningPipelinePtr & getPlanningPipeline () const
const robot_model::RobotModelConstPtr & getRobotModel () const
 PickPlace (const planning_pipeline::PlanningPipelinePtr &planning_pipeline)
PickPlanPtr planPick (const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr &planning_scene, const moveit_msgs::PickupGoal &goal) const
 Plan the sequence of motions that perform a pickup action. More...
PlacePlanPtr planPlace (const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr &planning_scene, const moveit_msgs::PlaceGoal &goal) const
 Plan the sequence of motions that perform a placement action. More...
void visualizeGrasp (const ManipulationPlanPtr &plan) const
void visualizeGrasps (const std::vector< ManipulationPlanPtr > &plans) const
void visualizePlan (const ManipulationPlanPtr &plan) const

Static Public Attributes

static const std::string DISPLAY_GRASP_TOPIC = "display_grasp_markers"
static const std::string DISPLAY_PATH_TOPIC = planning_pipeline::PlanningPipeline::DISPLAY_PATH_TOPIC

Private Attributes

constraint_sampler_manager_loader::ConstraintSamplerManagerLoaderPtr constraint_sampler_manager_loader_
bool display_computed_motion_plans_
bool display_grasps_
ros::Publisher display_path_publisher_
ros::Publisher grasps_publisher_
ros::NodeHandle nh_
planning_pipeline::PlanningPipelinePtr planning_pipeline_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file pick_place.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pick_place::PickPlace::PickPlace ( const planning_pipeline::PlanningPipelinePtr &  planning_pipeline)

Definition at line 96 of file pick_place.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void pick_place::PickPlace::displayComputedMotionPlans ( bool  flag)

Definition at line 111 of file pick_place.cpp.

void pick_place::PickPlace::displayProcessedGrasps ( bool  flag)

Definition at line 102 of file pick_place.cpp.

const constraint_samplers::ConstraintSamplerManagerPtr& pick_place::PickPlace::getConstraintsSamplerManager ( ) const

Definition at line 120 of file pick_place.h.

const planning_pipeline::PlanningPipelinePtr& pick_place::PickPlace::getPlanningPipeline ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file pick_place.h.

const robot_model::RobotModelConstPtr& pick_place::PickPlace::getRobotModel ( ) const

Definition at line 130 of file pick_place.h.

PickPlanPtr pick_place::PickPlace::planPick ( const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr &  planning_scene,
const moveit_msgs::PickupGoal &  goal 
) const

Plan the sequence of motions that perform a pickup action.

Definition at line 228 of file pick.cpp.

PlacePlanPtr pick_place::PickPlace::planPlace ( const planning_scene::PlanningSceneConstPtr &  planning_scene,
const moveit_msgs::PlaceGoal &  goal 
) const

Plan the sequence of motions that perform a placement action.

Definition at line 368 of file place.cpp.

void pick_place::PickPlace::visualizeGrasp ( const ManipulationPlanPtr &  plan) const

Definition at line 141 of file pick_place.cpp.

void pick_place::PickPlace::visualizeGrasps ( const std::vector< ManipulationPlanPtr > &  plans) const

Definition at line 180 of file pick_place.cpp.

void pick_place::PickPlace::visualizePlan ( const ManipulationPlanPtr &  plan) const

Definition at line 120 of file pick_place.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

constraint_sampler_manager_loader::ConstraintSamplerManagerLoaderPtr pick_place::PickPlace::constraint_sampler_manager_loader_

Definition at line 160 of file pick_place.h.

const double pick_place::PickPlace::DEFAULT_GRASP_POSTURE_COMPLETION_DURATION = 7.0

Definition at line 116 of file pick_place.h.

bool pick_place::PickPlace::display_computed_motion_plans_

Definition at line 155 of file pick_place.h.

const std::string pick_place::PickPlace::DISPLAY_GRASP_TOPIC = "display_grasp_markers"

Definition at line 113 of file pick_place.h.

bool pick_place::PickPlace::display_grasps_

Definition at line 156 of file pick_place.h.

ros::Publisher pick_place::PickPlace::display_path_publisher_

Definition at line 157 of file pick_place.h.

const std::string pick_place::PickPlace::DISPLAY_PATH_TOPIC = planning_pipeline::PlanningPipeline::DISPLAY_PATH_TOPIC

Definition at line 112 of file pick_place.h.

ros::Publisher pick_place::PickPlace::grasps_publisher_

Definition at line 158 of file pick_place.h.

ros::NodeHandle pick_place::PickPlace::nh_

Definition at line 153 of file pick_place.h.

planning_pipeline::PlanningPipelinePtr pick_place::PickPlace::planning_pipeline_

Definition at line 154 of file pick_place.h.

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