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moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, robot, name)
def bounds (self)
def max_bound (self)
def min_bound (self)
def move (self, position, wait=True)
def name (self)
def value (self)
def variable_count (self)

Private Member Functions

def __get_joint_limits (self)

Private Attributes


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.__get_joint_limits (   self)
@return: A list of length of 2 that contains max and min positional
         limits of the specified joint.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.bounds (   self)
@return: Either a single list of min and max joint limits, or
         a set of those lists, depending on the number of variables
         available in this joint.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.max_bound (   self)
@return: Either a single max joint limit value, or
         a set of max values, depending on the number of variables
         available in this joint.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.min_bound (   self)
@return: Either a single min joint limit value, or
         a set of min values, depending on the number of variables
         available in this joint.

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.move (   self,
  wait = True 
@param position [float]: List of joint angles to achieve.
@param wait bool: If false, the commands gets operated asynchronously.

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def (   self)

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.value (   self)
@rtype float

(Editor's comment by @130s) I doubt there's a case where this method goes into
"else" block, because get_current_joint_values always return a single list.

cf. getCurrentJointValues

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def moveit_commander.robot.RobotCommander.Joint.variable_count (   self)
@return number of the list that _Joint__get_joint_limits
        methods returns.
      for more about variable.

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