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moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name, robot_description="robot_description", ns="")
def allow_looking (self, value)
def allow_replanning (self, value)
def attach_object (self, object_name, link_name="", touch_links=[])
def clear_path_constraints (self)
def clear_pose_target (self, end_effector_link)
def clear_pose_targets (self)
def clear_trajectory_constraints (self)
def compute_cartesian_path (self, waypoints, eef_step, jump_threshold, avoid_collisions=True, path_constraints=None)
def detach_object (self, name="")
def execute (self, plan_msg, wait=True)
def forget_joint_values (self, name)
def get_active_joints (self)
def get_current_joint_values (self)
def get_current_pose (self, end_effector_link="")
def get_current_rpy (self, end_effector_link="")
def get_end_effector_link (self)
def get_goal_joint_tolerance (self)
def get_goal_orientation_tolerance (self)
def get_goal_position_tolerance (self)
def get_goal_tolerance (self)
def get_interface_description (self)
def get_jacobian_matrix (self, joint_values)
def get_joint_value_target (self)
def get_joints (self)
def get_known_constraints (self)
def get_name (self)
def get_named_target_values (self, target)
def get_named_targets (self)
def get_path_constraints (self)
def get_planner_id (self)
def get_planning_frame (self)
def get_planning_time (self)
def get_pose_reference_frame (self)
def get_random_joint_values (self)
def get_random_pose (self, end_effector_link="")
def get_remembered_joint_values (self)
def get_trajectory_constraints (self)
def get_variable_count (self)
def go (self, joints=None, wait=True)
def has_end_effector_link (self)
def pick (self, object_name, grasp=[], plan_only=False)
def place (self, object_name, location=None, plan_only=False)
def plan (self, joints=None)
def remember_joint_values (self, name, values=None)
def retime_trajectory (self, ref_state_in, traj_in, velocity_scaling_factor)
def set_constraints_database (self, host, port)
def set_end_effector_link (self, link_name)
def set_goal_joint_tolerance (self, value)
def set_goal_orientation_tolerance (self, value)
def set_goal_position_tolerance (self, value)
def set_goal_tolerance (self, value)
def set_joint_value_target (self, arg1, arg2=None, arg3=None)
def set_max_acceleration_scaling_factor (self, value)
def set_max_velocity_scaling_factor (self, value)
def set_named_target (self, name)
def set_num_planning_attempts (self, num_planning_attempts)
def set_orientation_target (self, q, end_effector_link="")
def set_path_constraints (self, value)
def set_planner_id (self, planner_id)
def set_planning_time (self, seconds)
def set_pose_reference_frame (self, reference_frame)
def set_pose_target (self, pose, end_effector_link="")
def set_pose_targets (self, poses, end_effector_link="")
def set_position_target (self, xyz, end_effector_link="")
def set_random_target (self)
def set_rpy_target (self, rpy, end_effector_link="")
def set_start_state (self, msg)
def set_start_state_to_current_state (self)
def set_support_surface_name (self, value)
def set_trajectory_constraints (self, value)
def set_workspace (self, ws)
def shift_pose_target (self, axis, value, end_effector_link="")
def stop (self)

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Execution of simple commands for a particular group

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.__init__ (   self,
  robot_description = "robot_description",
  ns = "" 
Specify the group name for which to construct this commander instance. Throws an exception if there is an initialization error. 

Definition at line 50 of file

Member Function Documentation

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.allow_looking (   self,
Enable/disable looking around for motion planning 

Definition at line 378 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.allow_replanning (   self,
Enable/disable replanning 

Definition at line 382 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.attach_object (   self,
  link_name = "",
  touch_links = [] 
Given the name of an object existing in the planning scene, attach it to a link. The link used is specified by the second argument. If left unspecified, the end-effector link is used, if one is known. If there is no end-effector link, the first link in the group is used. If no link is identified, failure is reported. True is returned if an attach request was succesfully sent to the move_group node. This does not verify that the attach request also was successfuly applied by move_group.

Definition at line 544 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.clear_path_constraints (   self)
Specify that no path constraints are to be used during motion planning 

Definition at line 407 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.clear_pose_target (   self,
Clear the pose target for a particular end-effector 

Definition at line 307 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.clear_pose_targets (   self)
Clear all known pose targets 

Definition at line 311 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.clear_trajectory_constraints (   self)
Specify that no trajectory constraints are to be used during motion planning 

Definition at line 428 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.compute_cartesian_path (   self,
  avoid_collisions = True,
  path_constraints = None 
Compute a sequence of waypoints that make the end-effector move in straight line segments that follow the poses specified as waypoints. Configurations are computed for every eef_step meters; The jump_threshold specifies the maximum distance in configuration space between consecutive points in the resultingpath; Kinematic constraints for the path given by path_constraints will be met for every point along the trajectory, if they are not met, a partial solution will be returned. The return value is a tuple: a fraction of how much of the path was followed, the actual RobotTrajectory. 

Definition at line 522 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.detach_object (   self,
  name = "" 
Given the name of a link, detach the object(s) from that link. If no such link exists, the name is interpreted as an object name. If there is no name specified, an attempt is made to detach all objects attached to any link in the group.

Definition at line 548 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.execute (   self,
  wait = True 
Execute a previously planned path

Definition at line 537 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.forget_joint_values (   self,
Forget a stored joint configuration 

Definition at line 342 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_active_joints (   self)
Get the active joints of this group 

Definition at line 62 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_current_joint_values (   self)
Get the current configuration of the group as a list (these are values published on /joint_states) 

Definition at line 105 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_current_pose (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Get the current pose of the end-effector of the group. Throws an exception if there is not end-effector. 

Definition at line 109 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_current_rpy (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Get a list of 3 elements defining the [roll, pitch, yaw] of the end-effector. Throws an exception if there is not end-effector. 

Definition at line 116 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_end_effector_link (   self)
Get the name of the link that is considered to be an end-effector. Return an empty string if there is no end-effector. 

Definition at line 78 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_goal_joint_tolerance (   self)
Get the tolerance for achieving a joint goal (distance for each joint variable) 

Definition at line 350 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_goal_orientation_tolerance (   self)
When moving to an orientation goal or to a pose goal, the tolerance for the goal orientation is specified as the distance (roll, pitch, yaw) to the target origin of the end-effector 

Definition at line 358 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_goal_position_tolerance (   self)
When moving to a position goal or to a pose goal, the tolerance for the goal position is specified as the radius a sphere around the target origin of the end-effector 

Definition at line 354 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_goal_tolerance (   self)
Return a tuple of goal tolerances: joint, position and orientation. 

Definition at line 346 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_interface_description (   self)
Get the description of the planner interface (list of planner ids) 

Definition at line 87 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_jacobian_matrix (   self,
Get the jacobian matrix of the group as a list

Definition at line 589 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_joint_value_target (   self)

Definition at line 158 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_joints (   self)
Get the joints of this group 

Definition at line 66 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_known_constraints (   self)
Get a list of names for the constraints specific for this group, as read from the warehouse 

Definition at line 386 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_name (   self)
Get the name of the group this instance was initialized for 

Definition at line 54 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_named_target_values (   self,
Get a dictionary of joint values of a named target

Definition at line 328 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_named_targets (   self)
Get a list of all the names of joint configurations.

Definition at line 319 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_path_constraints (   self)
Get the acutal path constraints in form of a moveit_msgs.msgs.Constraints 

Definition at line 390 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_planner_id (   self)
Get the current planner_id 

Definition at line 448 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_planning_frame (   self)
Get the name of the frame where all planning is performed 

Definition at line 101 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_planning_time (   self)
Specify the amount of time to be used for motion planning. 

Definition at line 440 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_pose_reference_frame (   self)
Get the reference frame assumed for poses of end-effectors 

Definition at line 93 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_random_joint_values (   self)

Definition at line 123 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_random_pose (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 

Definition at line 126 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_remembered_joint_values (   self)
Get a dictionary that maps names to joint configurations for the group 

Definition at line 338 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_trajectory_constraints (   self)
Get the actual trajectory constraints in form of a moveit_msgs.msgs.Constraints 

Definition at line 411 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.get_variable_count (   self)
Return the number of variables used to parameterize a state in this group (larger or equal to number of DOF)

Definition at line 70 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.go (   self,
  joints = None,
  wait = True 
Set the target of the group and then move the group to the specified target 

Definition at line 483 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.has_end_effector_link (   self)
Check if this group has a link that is considered to be an end effector 

Definition at line 74 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.pick (   self,
  grasp = [],
  plan_only = False 
Pick the named object. A grasp message, or a list of Grasp messages can also be specified as argument.

Definition at line 552 of file

def (   self,
  location = None,
  plan_only = False 
Place the named object at a particular location in the environment or somewhere safe in the world if location is not provided

Definition at line 559 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.plan (   self,
  joints = None 
Return a motion plan (a RobotTrajectory) to the set goal state (or specified by the joints argument) 

Definition at line 505 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.remember_joint_values (   self,
  values = None 
Record the specified joint configuration of the group under the specified name. If no values are specified, the current state of the group is recorded. 

Definition at line 332 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.retime_trajectory (   self,

Definition at line 581 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_constraints_database (   self,
Specify which database to connect to for loading possible path constraints 

Definition at line 432 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_end_effector_link (   self,
Set the name of the link to be considered as an end effector 

Definition at line 82 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_goal_joint_tolerance (   self,
Set the tolerance for a target joint configuration 

Definition at line 366 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_goal_orientation_tolerance (   self,
Set the tolerance for a target end-effector orientation 

Definition at line 374 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_goal_position_tolerance (   self,
Set the tolerance for a target end-effector position 

Definition at line 370 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_goal_tolerance (   self,
Set the joint, position and orientation goal tolerances simultaneously 

Definition at line 362 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_joint_value_target (   self,
  arg2 = None,
  arg3 = None 
Specify a target joint configuration for the group.
- if the type of arg1 is one of the following: dict, list, JointState message, then no other arguments should be provided.
The dict should specify pairs of joint variable names and their target values, the list should specify all the variable values
for the group. The JointState message specifies the positions of some single-dof joints.
- if the type of arg1 is string, then arg2 is expected to be defined and be either a real value or a list of real values. This is
interpreted as setting a particular joint to a particular value.
- if the type of arg1 is Pose or PoseStamped, both arg2 and arg3 could be defined. If arg2 or arg3 are defined, their types must
be either string or bool. The string type argument is interpreted as the end-effector the pose is specified for (default is to use
the default end-effector), and the bool is used to decide whether the pose specified is approximate (default is false). This situation
allows setting the joint target of the group by calling IK. This does not send a pose to the planner and the planner will do no IK.
Instead, one IK solution will be computed first, and that will be sent to the planner.

Definition at line 161 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_max_acceleration_scaling_factor (   self,
Set a scaling factor for optionally reducing the maximum joint acceleration. Allowed values are in (0,1]. 

Definition at line 476 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_max_velocity_scaling_factor (   self,
Set a scaling factor for optionally reducing the maximum joint velocity. Allowed values are in (0,1]. 

Definition at line 469 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_named_target (   self,
Set a joint configuration by name. The name can be a name previlusy remembered with remember_joint_values() or a configuration specified in the SRDF. 

Definition at line 323 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_num_planning_attempts (   self,
Set the number of times the motion plan is to be computed from scratch before the shortest solution is returned. The default value is 1. 

Definition at line 452 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_orientation_target (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Specify a target orientation for the end-effector. Any position of the end-effector is acceptable.

Definition at line 244 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_path_constraints (   self,
Specify the path constraints to be used (as read from the database) 

Definition at line 397 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_planner_id (   self,
Specify which planner to use when motion planning 

Definition at line 444 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_planning_time (   self,
Specify the amount of time to be used for motion planning. 

Definition at line 436 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_pose_reference_frame (   self,
Set the reference frame to assume for poses of end-effectors 

Definition at line 97 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_pose_target (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Set the pose of the end-effector, if one is available. The expected input is a Pose message, a PoseStamped message or a list of 6 floats:
[x, y, z, rot_x, rot_y, rot_z] or a list of 7 floats [x, y, z, qx, qy, qz, qw] 

Definition at line 263 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_pose_targets (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Set the pose of the end-effector, if one is available. The expected input is a list of poses. Each pose can be a Pose message, a list of 6 floats: [x, y, z, rot_x, rot_y, rot_z] or a list of 7 floats [x, y, z, qx, qy, qz, qw] 

Definition at line 282 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_position_target (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Specify a target position for the end-effector. Any orientation of the end-effector is acceptable.

Definition at line 255 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_random_target (   self)
Set a random joint configuration target 

Definition at line 315 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_rpy_target (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Specify a target orientation for the end-effector. Any position of the end-effector is acceptable.

Definition at line 233 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_start_state (   self,
Specify a start state for the group.

msg : moveit_msgs/RobotState

>>> from moveit_msgs.msg import RobotState
>>> from sensor_msgs.msg import JointState
>>> joint_state = JointState()
>>> joint_state.header = Header()
>>> joint_state.header.stamp =
>>> = ['joint_a', 'joint_b']
>>> joint_state.position = [0.17, 0.34]
>>> moveit_robot_state = RobotState()
>>> moveit_robot_state.joint_state = joint_state
>>> group.set_start_state(moveit_robot_state)

Definition at line 135 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_start_state_to_current_state (   self)

Definition at line 132 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_support_surface_name (   self,
Set the support surface name for a place operation 

Definition at line 577 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_trajectory_constraints (   self,
Specify the trajectory constraints to be used 

Definition at line 418 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.set_workspace (   self,
Set the workspace for the robot as either [], [minX, minY, maxX, maxY] or [minX, minY, minZ, maxX, maxY, maxZ] 

Definition at line 456 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.shift_pose_target (   self,
  end_effector_link = "" 
Get the current pose of the end effector, add value to the corresponding axis (0..5: X, Y, Z, R, P, Y) and set the new pose as the pose target 

Definition at line 290 of file

def moveit_commander.move_group.MoveGroupCommander.stop (   self)
Stop the current execution, if any 

Definition at line 58 of file

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