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VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo Struct Reference

#include <vulkan_core.h>

Public Attributes

VkStencilOpState back
VkBool32 depthBoundsTestEnable
VkCompareOp depthCompareOp
VkBool32 depthTestEnable
VkBool32 depthWriteEnable
VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateFlags flags
VkStencilOpState front
float maxDepthBounds
float minDepthBounds
const voidpNext
VkBool32 stencilTestEnable
VkStructureType sType

Detailed Description

Definition at line 2281 of file vulkan_core.h.

Member Data Documentation

VkStencilOpState VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::back

Definition at line 2291 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkBool32 VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::depthBoundsTestEnable

Definition at line 2288 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkCompareOp VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::depthCompareOp

Definition at line 2287 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkBool32 VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::depthTestEnable

Definition at line 2285 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkBool32 VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::depthWriteEnable

Definition at line 2286 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateFlags VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::flags

Definition at line 2284 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkStencilOpState VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::front

Definition at line 2290 of file vulkan_core.h.

float VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::maxDepthBounds

Definition at line 2293 of file vulkan_core.h.

float VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::minDepthBounds

Definition at line 2292 of file vulkan_core.h.

const void* VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::pNext

Definition at line 2283 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkBool32 VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::stencilTestEnable

Definition at line 2289 of file vulkan_core.h.

VkStructureType VkPipelineDepthStencilStateCreateInfo::sType

Definition at line 2282 of file vulkan_core.h.

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