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os.h File Reference
#include <vector>
#include <string>
#include <rendering.h>
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enum  rs2::file_dialog_mode { rs2::open_file = (1 << 0), rs2::save_file = (1 << 1) }
enum  rs2::special_folder {
  rs2::user_desktop, rs2::user_documents, rs2::user_pictures, rs2::user_videos,
  rs2::temp_folder, rs2::app_data


bool rs2::directory_exists (const char *dir)
bool rs2::ends_with (const std::string &s, const std::string &suffix)
const char * rs2::file_dialog_open (file_dialog_mode flags, const char *filters, const char *default_path, const char *default_name)
std::string rs2::get_file_name (const std::string &path)
std::string rs2::get_folder_path (special_folder f)
rect rs2::get_monitor_rect (GLFWmonitor *monitor)
std::string rs2::get_os_name ()
std::string rs2::get_timestamped_file_name ()
rect rs2::get_window_rect (GLFWwindow *window)
bool rs2::is_debug ()
void rs2::open_url (const char *url)
int rs2::pick_scale_factor (GLFWwindow *window)
int rs2::save_to_png (const char *filename, size_t pixel_width, size_t pixels_height, size_t bytes_per_pixel, const void *raster_data, size_t stride_bytes)
std::vector< std::stringrs2::split_string (std::string &input, char delim)
bool rs2::starts_with (const std::string &s, const std::string &prefix)
std::string rs2::truncate_string (const std::string &str, size_t width)
std::string rs2::url_encode (const std::string &value)

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