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1 // License: Apache 2.0. See LICENSE file in root directory.
2 // Copyright(c) 2020 Intel Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
4 #pragma once
6 #include "ICompression.h"
7 #include "jpeglib.h"
8 #include <time.h>
11 {
12 public:
13  JpegCompression(int t_width, int t_height, rs2_format t_format, int t_bpp);
15  int compressBuffer(unsigned char* t_buffer, int t_size, unsigned char* t_compressedBuf);
16  int decompressBuffer(unsigned char* t_buffer, int t_size, unsigned char* t_uncompressedBuf);
18 private:
19  void convertYUYVtoYUV(unsigned char** t_buffer);
20  void convertYUVtoYUYV(unsigned char** t_uncompressBuff);
21  void convertUYVYtoYUV(unsigned char** t_buffer);
22  void convertYUVtoUYVY(unsigned char** t_uncompressBuff);
23  void convertBGRtoRGB(unsigned char** t_buffer);
24  void convertRGBtoBGR(unsigned char** t_uncompressBuff);
26  struct jpeg_error_mgr m_jerr;
27  struct jpeg_compress_struct m_cinfo;
28  struct jpeg_decompress_struct m_dinfo;
29  JSAMPROW m_row_pointer[1];
30  JSAMPARRAY m_destBuffer;
31  unsigned char* m_rowBuffer;
32 };
struct jpeg_compress_struct m_cinfo
void convertYUVtoUYVY(unsigned char **t_uncompressBuff)
void convertUYVYtoYUV(unsigned char **t_buffer)
int compressBuffer(unsigned char *t_buffer, int t_size, unsigned char *t_compressedBuf)
JSAMPROW m_row_pointer[1]
JpegCompression(int t_width, int t_height, rs2_format t_format, int t_bpp)
void convertRGBtoBGR(unsigned char **t_uncompressBuff)
int decompressBuffer(unsigned char *t_buffer, int t_size, unsigned char *t_uncompressedBuf)
struct jpeg_error_mgr m_jerr
JSAMPARRAY m_destBuffer
A stream&#39;s format identifies how binary data is encoded within a frame.
Definition: rs_sensor.h:59
void convertYUYVtoYUV(unsigned char **t_buffer)
unsigned char * m_rowBuffer
void convertBGRtoRGB(unsigned char **t_buffer)
void convertYUVtoYUYV(unsigned char **t_uncompressBuff)
struct jpeg_decompress_struct m_dinfo

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