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test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def setUpClass (self)
def test_botharms_compare_joints (self)
def test_botharms_get_joint_values (self)
def test_botharms_set_named_target (self)
def test_geometry_link_r4_r5 (self)
def test_rosclient_go_offpose (self)
def test_rosclient_goInitial (self)
def test_rosclient_robotcommander (self)
def test_set_pose_target_quarternion (self)
def test_set_pose_target_rpy (self)

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Private Member Functions

def _set_target_random (self)

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Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.__init__ (   self,

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Member Function Documentation

def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit._set_target_random (   self)
@type self: moveit_commander.MoveGroupCommander
@param self: In this particular test script, the argument "self" is
     either 'rarm' or 'larm'.

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.setUpClass (   self)

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_botharms_compare_joints (   self)
Comparing joint names.

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_botharms_get_joint_values (   self)
"both_arm" move group can't set pose target for now (July, 2015) due to
missing eef in the moveit config. Here checking if
MoveGroup.get_joint_values is working.

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_botharms_set_named_target (   self)
Test if moveit_commander.set_named_target brings the arms to
the init_rtm pose defined in HiroNx.srdf.

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_geometry_link_r4_r5 (   self)
    Trying to capture issues like

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_rosclient_go_offpose (   self)

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_rosclient_goInitial (   self)

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_rosclient_robotcommander (   self)
Starting from, depends on moveit_commander.RobotCommander class.
This case tests the integration of and RobotCommander.

Developers need to avoid testing moveit_commander.RobotCommander itself
-- that needs to be done upstream.

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_set_pose_target_quarternion (   self)

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def test_hironx_moveit.TestHironxMoveit.test_set_pose_target_rpy (   self)

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