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tension_function.hpp File Reference

Representations for the tension function.. More...

#include "function_math.hpp"
#include <ecl/config/macros.hpp>
#include <ecl/concepts/macros.hpp>
#include <ecl/concepts/streams.hpp>
#include <ecl/containers/array.hpp>
#include <ecl/errors/compile_time_assert.hpp>
#include <ecl/utilities/blueprints.hpp>
#include <ecl/formatters/floats.hpp>
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class  ecl::BluePrintFactory< TensionFunction >
 Blueprint factory for tension functions. More...
class  ecl::TensionFunction
 Representation of a tension function. More...
class  ecl::blueprints::TensionSecondDerivativeInterpolation
 Blueprint for interpolating a tension function between end point conditions. More...


 Embedded control libraries.
 Blueprints and factories classes used to generate blueprints.


template<typename OutputStream >
OutputStream & ecl::operator<< (OutputStream &ostream, const TensionFunction &function)
 Streaming output insertion operator for tension functions. More...

Detailed Description

Representations for the tension function..

May 2009

Definition in file tension_function.hpp.

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