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odometry_typedefs.hpp File Reference
#include <ecl/config/macros.hpp>
#include <ecl/linear_algebra.hpp>
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 Embedded control libraries.


typedef Eigen::Matrix< float, 6, 1 > ecl::odometry::Odom2D
 Float representation of 2D odometry (x, y, heading, v_x, v_y, w). More...
typedef Eigen::Matrix< float, 6, Eigen::Dynamic > ecl::odometry::Odom2DTrajectory
 Float collection of 2D odometries (x, y, heading, v_x, v_y, w). More...
typedef Eigen::Matrix2Xf ecl::odometry::Path2D
 Float representation of a path in 2D (x1,y1; x2,y2; ..; xn,yn). More...
typedef Eigen::Vector3f ecl::odometry::Pose2D
 Float representation of a pose in 2D (x, y, heading). More...
typedef Eigen::Vector2f ecl::odometry::Position2D
 Float representation for a 2D position (x-, y-position). More...
typedef Eigen::Matrix3Xf ecl::odometry::Trajectory2D
 Float representation of a trajectory in 2D (poses in 2D). More...
typedef Eigen::Vector3f ecl::odometry::Twist2D
 Float representation of velocities in 2D (v_x, v_y, w). More...
typedef Eigen::Matrix3Xf ecl::odometry::Twist2DVector
 Float collection of 2D twists (twist: v_x, v_y, w). More...

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