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file  angle.cpp [code]
 Implementation for regular radian/degree angle types.
file  cubic_spline.cpp [code]
 Implementation for cubic splines.
file  cubic_spline_blueprints.cpp [code]
 Implementation for cubic spline blueprints.
file  lib/linear_segment.cpp [code]
file  lib/odometry_helper.cpp [code]
file  pascals_triangle.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the pascal triangle specialisations.
file  polynomial.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the polynomials.
file  polynomial_blueprints.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the polynomial blueprints.
file  smooth_linear_spline.cpp [code]
 Implementation for ramped splines.
file  lib/tension_function.cpp [code]
 Implementation of the tension function.
file  tension_spline.cpp [code]
 Implementation for tension splines.
file  tension_spline_blueprints.cpp [code]
 Implementation for tension spline blueprints.

Author(s): Daniel Stonier
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