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ecl::BluePrintFactory< TensionSpline > Class Template Reference

Blueprint factory for tension splines. More...

#include <tension_spline.hpp>

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virtual ~BluePrintFactory ()

Static Public Member Functions

static blueprints::C2TensionSpline Natural (const Array< double > &x_set, const Array< double > &y_set, const double &tau) ecl_assert_throw_decl(StandardException)
 Tension spline blueprint satisfying y, y' and y'' continuity with y''_0 = y''_f = 0. More...

Detailed Description

class ecl::BluePrintFactory< TensionSpline >

Blueprint factory for tension splines.

Generates various blueprints that instantiate or configure tension splines from commonly used algorithms.

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Definition at line 59 of file tension_spline.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual ecl::BluePrintFactory< TensionSpline >::~BluePrintFactory ( )

Definition at line 77 of file tension_spline.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

C2TensionSpline ecl::BluePrintFactory< TensionSpline >::Natural ( const Array< double > &  x_set,
const Array< double > &  y_set,
const double &  tau 

Tension spline blueprint satisfying y, y' and y'' continuity with y''_0 = y''_f = 0.

This is the natural form of the spline interpolation.

x_set: set of data on the domain axis.
y_set: set of values on the range axis.
tau: the tension parameter.
C2TensionSpline : the resulting blueprint.
StandardException : throws if configuration arguments are not valid [debug mode only].
See also

Definition at line 125 of file tension_spline_blueprints.cpp.

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