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port.h File Reference
#include <cinttypes>
#include <cmath>
#include <string>
#include <boost/iostreams/device/back_inserter.hpp>
#include <boost/iostreams/filter/gzip.hpp>
#include <boost/iostreams/filtering_stream.hpp>
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using int16 = int16_t
using int32 = int32_t
using int64 = int64_t
using int8 = int8_t
using uint16 = uint16_t
using uint32 = uint32_t
using uint64 = uint64_t
using uint8 = uint8_t


void cartographer::common::FastGunzipString (const string &compressed, string *decompressed)
void cartographer::common::FastGzipString (const string &uncompressed, string *compressed)
int cartographer::common::RoundToInt (const float x)
int cartographer::common::RoundToInt (const double x)
int64 cartographer::common::RoundToInt64 (const float x)
int64 cartographer::common::RoundToInt64 (const double x)

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using int16 = int16_t

Definition at line 29 of file port.h.

using int32 = int32_t

Definition at line 30 of file port.h.

using int64 = int64_t

Definition at line 31 of file port.h.

using int8 = int8_t

Definition at line 28 of file port.h.

using uint16 = uint16_t

Definition at line 33 of file port.h.

using uint32 = uint32_t

Definition at line 34 of file port.h.

using uint64 = uint64_t

Definition at line 35 of file port.h.

using uint8 = uint8_t

Definition at line 32 of file port.h.

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