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cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap Class Reference

#include <submaps.h>

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Public Member Functions

const bool finished () const
const HybridGridhigh_resolution_hybrid_grid () const
const HybridGridlow_resolution_hybrid_grid () const
 Submap (float high_resolution, float low_resolution, const transform::Rigid3d &local_pose)
void ToResponseProto (const transform::Rigid3d &global_submap_pose, mapping::proto::SubmapQuery::Response *response) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from cartographer::mapping::Submap
const mapping_2d::ProbabilityGridfinished_probability_grid () const
transform::Rigid3d local_pose () const
size_t num_range_data () const
 Submap (const transform::Rigid3d &local_pose)
virtual void ToResponseProto (const transform::Rigid3d &global_submap_pose, proto::SubmapQuery::Response *response) const =0
virtual ~Submap ()

Private Attributes

bool finished_ = false
HybridGrid high_resolution_hybrid_grid_
HybridGrid low_resolution_hybrid_grid_


class Submaps

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from cartographer::mapping::Submap
const mapping_2d::ProbabilityGridfinished_probability_grid_ = nullptr
int num_range_data_ = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file 3d/submaps.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::Submap ( float  high_resolution,
float  low_resolution,
const transform::Rigid3d local_pose 

Definition at line 323 of file 3d/

Member Function Documentation

const bool cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::finished ( ) const

Definition at line 61 of file 3d/submaps.h.

const HybridGrid& cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::high_resolution_hybrid_grid ( ) const

Definition at line 55 of file 3d/submaps.h.

const HybridGrid& cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::low_resolution_hybrid_grid ( ) const

Definition at line 58 of file 3d/submaps.h.

void cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::ToResponseProto ( const transform::Rigid3d global_submap_pose,
mapping::proto::SubmapQuery::Response *  response 
) const

Definition at line 329 of file 3d/

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Submaps

Definition at line 69 of file 3d/submaps.h.

Member Data Documentation

bool cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::finished_ = false

Definition at line 73 of file 3d/submaps.h.

HybridGrid cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::high_resolution_hybrid_grid_

Definition at line 71 of file 3d/submaps.h.

HybridGrid cartographer::mapping_3d::Submap::low_resolution_hybrid_grid_

Definition at line 72 of file 3d/submaps.h.

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