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AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

VmbErrorType GetDescription (char *const pStrDescription, VmbUint32_t &rnSize) const
VmbErrorType GetDisplayName (char *const pStrDisplayName, VmbUint32_t &rnSize) const
VmbErrorType GetName (char *const pStrName, VmbUint32_t &rnSize) const
VmbErrorType GetSFNCNamespace (char *const pStrNamespace, VmbUint32_t &rnSize) const
VmbErrorType GetTooltip (char *const pStrTooltip, VmbUint32_t &rnSize) const
VmbErrorType GetValue (VmbInt64_t &rnValue) const
VmbErrorType GetVisibility (VmbFeatureVisibilityType &rVisibility) const
 PrivateImpl (const char *pStrName, const char *pStrDisplayName, const char *pStrDescription, const char *pStrTooltip, const char *pStrSNFCNamespace, VmbFeatureVisibility_t visibility, VmbInt64_t nValue)

Public Attributes

VmbInt64_t m_nValue
std::string m_strDescription
std::string m_strDisplayName
std::string m_strName
std::string m_strNamespace
std::string m_strTooltip
VmbFeatureVisibilityType m_Visibility

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::PrivateImpl ( const char *  pStrName,
const char *  pStrDisplayName,
const char *  pStrDescription,
const char *  pStrTooltip,
const char *  pStrSNFCNamespace,
VmbFeatureVisibility_t  visibility,
VmbInt64_t  nValue 

Definition at line 42 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetDescription ( char *const  pStrDescription,
VmbUint32_t rnSize 
) const

Definition at line 104 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetDisplayName ( char *const  pStrDisplayName,
VmbUint32_t rnSize 
) const

Definition at line 81 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetName ( char *const  pStrName,
VmbUint32_t rnSize 
) const

Definition at line 58 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetSFNCNamespace ( char *const  pStrNamespace,
VmbUint32_t rnSize 
) const

Definition at line 150 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetTooltip ( char *const  pStrTooltip,
VmbUint32_t rnSize 
) const

Definition at line 127 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetValue ( VmbInt64_t rnValue) const

Definition at line 173 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::GetVisibility ( VmbFeatureVisibilityType rVisibility) const

Definition at line 180 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

VmbInt64_t AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_nValue

Definition at line 41 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

std::string AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_strDescription

Definition at line 37 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

std::string AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_strDisplayName

Definition at line 36 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

std::string AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_strName

Definition at line 35 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

std::string AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_strNamespace

Definition at line 39 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

std::string AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_strTooltip

Definition at line 38 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbFeatureVisibilityType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::PrivateImpl::m_Visibility

Definition at line 40 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

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