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AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry Class Reference

#include <EnumEntry.h>


struct  PrivateImpl

Public Member Functions

 EnumEntry (const char *pName, const char *pDisplayName, const char *pDescription, const char *pTooltip, const char *pSNFCNamespace, VmbFeatureVisibility_t visibility, VmbInt64_t value)
IMEXPORT EnumEntry ()
IMEXPORT EnumEntry (const EnumEntry &other)
VmbErrorType GetDescription (std::string &description) const
VmbErrorType GetDisplayName (std::string &displayName) const
VmbErrorType GetName (std::string &name) const
VmbErrorType GetSFNCNamespace (std::string &sFNCNamespace) const
VmbErrorType GetTooltip (std::string &tooltip) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetValue (VmbInt64_t &value) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetVisibility (VmbFeatureVisibilityType &value) const
IMEXPORT EnumEntryoperator= (const EnumEntry &o)
virtual IMEXPORT ~EnumEntry ()

Private Member Functions

IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetDescription (char *const pStrDescription, VmbUint32_t &size) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetDisplayName (char *const pDisplayName, VmbUint32_t &size) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetName (char *const pName, VmbUint32_t &size) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetSFNCNamespace (char *const pStrNamespace, VmbUint32_t &size) const
IMEXPORT VmbErrorType GetTooltip (char *const pStrTooltip, VmbUint32_t &size) const

Private Attributes


Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file EnumEntry.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::EnumEntry ( const char *  pName,
const char *  pDisplayName,
const char *  pDescription,
const char *  pTooltip,
const char *  pSNFCNamespace,
VmbFeatureVisibility_t  visibility,
VmbInt64_t  value 

Definition at line 189 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::EnumEntry ( )

Definition at line 216 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::EnumEntry ( const EnumEntry other)

Definition at line 199 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::~EnumEntry ( )

Definition at line 222 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetDescription ( std::string &  description) const
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetDescription ( char *const  pStrDescription,
VmbUint32_t size 
) const

Definition at line 249 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetDisplayName ( std::string &  displayName) const
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetDisplayName ( char *const  pDisplayName,
VmbUint32_t size 
) const

Definition at line 240 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetName ( std::string &  name) const
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetName ( char *const  pName,
VmbUint32_t size 
) const

Definition at line 231 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetSFNCNamespace ( std::string &  sFNCNamespace) const
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetSFNCNamespace ( char *const  pStrNamespace,
VmbUint32_t size 
) const

Definition at line 267 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetTooltip ( std::string &  tooltip) const
VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetTooltip ( char *const  pStrTooltip,
VmbUint32_t size 
) const

Definition at line 258 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetValue ( VmbInt64_t value) const

Definition at line 276 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

VmbErrorType AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::GetVisibility ( VmbFeatureVisibilityType value) const

Definition at line 287 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

EnumEntry & AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::operator= ( const EnumEntry o)

Definition at line 203 of file EnumEntry.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

PrivateImpl* AVT::VmbAPI::EnumEntry::m_pImpl

Definition at line 176 of file EnumEntry.h.

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