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ros_prerelease_tests Namespace Reference


def filter_prerelease_targets (targets, os_distro, os_release, arch)
def get_prerelease_targets (distros)
def get_repo_file (repo_path)
def print_blue (x)
def print_cyan (x)
def print_green (x)
def print_magenta (x)
def print_red (x)
def print_yellow (x)
def run_prerelease_tests (args)
def run_test (target, branch)


 args = parser.parse_args()
string BRANCH = 'production'
int exit_code = 0
string INDEX_FILE = 'index.yaml'
 parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Run ROS prerelease tests')
string REPO_URL = ''

Function Documentation

def ros_prerelease_tests.filter_prerelease_targets (   targets,

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def ros_prerelease_tests.get_prerelease_targets (   distros)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.get_repo_file (   repo_path)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.print_blue (   x)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.print_cyan (   x)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.print_green (   x)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.print_magenta (   x)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.print_red (   x)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.print_yellow (   x)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.run_prerelease_tests (   args)

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def ros_prerelease_tests.run_test (   target,

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Variable Documentation

ros_prerelease_tests.args = parser.parse_args()

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string ros_prerelease_tests.BRANCH = 'production'

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int ros_prerelease_tests.exit_code = 0

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string ros_prerelease_tests.INDEX_FILE = 'index.yaml'

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ros_prerelease_tests.parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Run ROS prerelease tests')

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string ros_prerelease_tests.REPO_URL = ''

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