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class  Board
class  BoardConfiguration
 This class defines a board with several markers. A Board contains several markers so that they are more robustly detected. More...
class  BoardDetector
 This class detects AR boards Version 1.2 There are two modes for board detection. First, the old way. (You first detect markers with MarkerDetector and then call to detect in this class. More...
class  CameraParameters
 Parameters of the camera. More...
class  CvDrawingUtils
 A set of functions to draw in opencv images. More...
class  FiducidalMarkers
class  Marker
 This class represents a marker. It is a vector of the fours corners ot the marker. More...
class  MarkerDetector
 Main class for marker detection. More...
struct  MarkerInfo


void findCornerPointsInContour (const vector< cv::Point2f > &points, const vector< cv::Point > &contour, vector< int > &idxs)
int findDeformedSidesIdx (const vector< cv::Point > &contour, const vector< int > &idxSegments)
void print (cv::Point3f p, string cad)
void setPointIntoImage (cv::Point2f &p, cv::Size s)
void setPointIntoImage (cv::Point &p, cv::Size s)

Function Documentation

void aruco::findCornerPointsInContour ( const vector< cv::Point2f > &  points,
const vector< cv::Point > &  contour,
vector< int > &  idxs 

Definition at line 470 of file markerdetector.cpp.

int aruco::findDeformedSidesIdx ( const vector< cv::Point > &  contour,
const vector< int > &  idxSegments 

Definition at line 495 of file markerdetector.cpp.

void aruco::print ( cv::Point3f  p,
string  cad 

Definition at line 248 of file marker.cpp.

void aruco::setPointIntoImage ( cv::Point2f &  p,
cv::Size  s 

Definition at line 536 of file markerdetector.cpp.

void aruco::setPointIntoImage ( cv::Point &  p,
cv::Size  s 

Definition at line 544 of file markerdetector.cpp.

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