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GlutViewer.h File Reference
#include <cxcore.h>
#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glu.h>
#include <GL/glut.h>
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class  Drawable




void GlutViewer::Draw ()
void GlutViewer::DrawableAdd (Drawable *item)
void GlutViewer::DrawableClear ()
void GlutViewer::DrawAr ()
void GlutViewer::DrawAxis (float scale)
void GlutViewer::DrawContent ()
void GlutViewer::DrawFloor ()
void GlutViewer::DrawVideo ()
void GlutViewer::DrawVr ()
void GlutViewer::Exit ()
double GlutViewer::GetXOffset ()
double GlutViewer::GetYOffset ()
void GlutViewer::KeyCallback (int key, int x, int y)
void GlutViewer::Motion (int x, int y)
void GlutViewer::Mouse (int button, int state, int x, int y)
void GlutViewer::Reshape (int w, int h)
void GlutViewer::SetGlModelviewMatrix (double p[16])
void GlutViewer::SetGlProjectionMatrix (double p[16])
void GlutViewer::SetVideo (const IplImage *_image)
void GlutViewer::Start (int argc, char **argv, int w, int h, float r=300.0)

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