filters Namespace Reference


template<typename T >
static const T & clamp (const T &a, const T &b, const T &c)
static double exponentialSmoothing (double current_raw_value, double last_smoothed_value, double alpha)

Function Documentation

template<typename T >
static const T& filters::clamp ( const T &  a,
const T &  b,
const T &  c 
) [inline, static]

Clamp value a between b and c

Definition at line 45 of file filters.h.

static double filters::exponentialSmoothing ( double  current_raw_value,
double  last_smoothed_value,
double  alpha 
) [inline, static]

Exponential smoothing filter. Alpha is between 0 and 1. Values closer to 0 weight the last smoothed value more heavily

Definition at line 52 of file filters.h.

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