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set_urg_ip Namespace Reference


def parse_and_validate_ipv4


tuple args = parser.parse_args()
tuple gw = parse_and_validate_ipv4(args.new_gw, "gateway address")
tuple ip = parse_and_validate_ipv4(args.new_ip, "IP address")
string msg = "$IP"
tuple nm = parse_and_validate_ipv4(args.nm, "netmask")
tuple parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)
tuple returned = sock.recv(40)
tuple sock = socket.socket()

Function Documentation

def set_urg_ip.parse_and_validate_ipv4 (   argument,
Each address must have 4 

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Variable Documentation

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tuple set_urg_ip::gw = parse_and_validate_ipv4(args.new_gw, "gateway address")

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tuple set_urg_ip::ip = parse_and_validate_ipv4(args.new_ip, "IP address")

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string set_urg_ip::msg = "$IP"

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tuple set_urg_ip::nm = parse_and_validate_ipv4(args.nm, "netmask")

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tuple set_urg_ip::parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description=__doc__)

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tuple set_urg_ip::returned = sock.recv(40)

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tuple set_urg_ip::sock = socket.socket()

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