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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
urdf_traverser::FactorRecursionParamsIncludes a factor value to be passed on in recursion
urdf_traverser::FlagRecursionParamsIncludes a flag to be passed on in recursion
urdf_traverser::LinkRecursionParamsCan be used for all recursive functions which have a specific link as a result. A reference to the model is also included so that it can be used from within the callbacks
urdf_traverser::ModelRecursionParamsRecursion parameters including link to the underlying URDF model. The underlying urdf model can be used to add/remove links during traversal, and/or change the root link during or after traversal
OrderedJointsRecursionParamsRecursion data for getting a list of joints, ordered by dependency (no joint depending on others will come before them in the result vector)
urdf_traverser::RecursionParamsBase class for recursion parameters passed during traversal of a URDF tree. Encapsulates data carried within a recursion. At each recursion, the according fields link and level are set. Any subclass can add their own recursion parameters to pass through all recursions. A subclass of this type may for example be used to build the result of the traversal
urdf_traverser::StringVectorRecursionParamsCollects string values into a vector
urdf_traverser::UrdfTraverserThis class provides functions to traverse the URDF and provides convenience functions to access the URDF model

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