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KinectDisplay.cpp File Reference
#include <GL/glut.h>
#include "KinectDisplay.h"
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#define MAX_DEPTH   10000


void DrawLimb (xn::UserGenerator &userGenerator, xn::DepthGenerator &depthGenerator, XnUserID player, XnSkeletonJoint eJoint1, XnSkeletonJoint eJoint2)
void DrawRectangle (float topLeftX, float topLeftY, float bottomRightX, float bottomRightY)
void DrawTexture (float topLeftX, float topLeftY, float bottomRightX, float bottomRightY)
unsigned int getClosestPowerOfTwo (unsigned int n)
void glPrintString (void *font, char *str)
GLuint initTexture (void **buf, int &width, int &height)
void kinect_display_drawDepthMapGL (const xn::DepthMetaData &dmd, const xn::SceneMetaData &smd)
void kinect_display_drawSkeletonGL (xn::UserGenerator &userGenerator, xn::DepthGenerator &depthGenerator)


XnFloat Colors [][3]
XnBool g_bDrawBackground = TRUE
XnBool g_bDrawPixels = TRUE
XnBool g_bDrawSkeleton = TRUE
XnBool g_bPrintID = TRUE
XnBool g_bPrintState = TRUE
float g_pDepthHist [MAX_DEPTH]
XnUInt32 nColors = 10
GLfloat texcoords [8]

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#define MAX_DEPTH   10000

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void DrawLimb ( xn::UserGenerator &  userGenerator,
xn::DepthGenerator &  depthGenerator,
XnUserID  player,
XnSkeletonJoint  eJoint1,
XnSkeletonJoint  eJoint2 

Definition at line 227 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

void DrawRectangle ( float  topLeftX,
float  topLeftY,
float  bottomRightX,
float  bottomRightY 

Definition at line 37 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

void DrawTexture ( float  topLeftX,
float  topLeftY,
float  bottomRightX,
float  bottomRightY 

Definition at line 50 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

unsigned int getClosestPowerOfTwo ( unsigned int  n)

Definition at line 13 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

void glPrintString ( void *  font,
char *  str 

Definition at line 76 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

GLuint initTexture ( void **  buf,
int &  width,
int &  height 

Definition at line 20 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

void kinect_display_drawDepthMapGL ( const xn::DepthMetaData &  dmd,
const xn::SceneMetaData &  smd 

Definition at line 87 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

void kinect_display_drawSkeletonGL ( xn::UserGenerator &  userGenerator,
xn::DepthGenerator &  depthGenerator 

Definition at line 255 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

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XnFloat Colors[][3]
Initial value:

Definition at line 60 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

XnBool g_bDrawBackground = TRUE

Definition at line 5 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

XnBool g_bDrawPixels = TRUE

Definition at line 6 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

XnBool g_bDrawSkeleton = TRUE

Definition at line 7 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

XnBool g_bPrintID = TRUE

Definition at line 8 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

XnBool g_bPrintState = TRUE

Definition at line 9 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

Definition at line 12 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

XnUInt32 nColors = 10

Definition at line 74 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

GLfloat texcoords[8]

Definition at line 36 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

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