KinectDisplay.h File Reference
#include <XnCppWrapper.h>
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void kinect_display_drawDepthMapGL (const xn::DepthMetaData &dmd, const xn::SceneMetaData &smd)
void kinect_display_drawSkeletonGL (xn::UserGenerator &userGenerator, xn::DepthGenerator &depthGenerator)

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void kinect_display_drawDepthMapGL ( const xn::DepthMetaData &  dmd,
const xn::SceneMetaData &  smd 

Definition at line 87 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

void kinect_display_drawSkeletonGL ( xn::UserGenerator &  userGenerator,
xn::DepthGenerator &  depthGenerator 

Definition at line 255 of file KinectDisplay.cpp.

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