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rviz::NewObjectDialog Class Reference

#include <new_object_dialog.h>

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Public Slots

virtual void accept ()

Public Member Functions

 NewObjectDialog (Factory *factory, const QString &object_type, const QStringList &disallowed_display_names, const QStringList &disallowed_class_lookup_names, QString *lookup_name_output, QString *display_name_output=0, QWidget *parent=0)
virtual QSize sizeHint () const

Private Slots

void onDisplaySelected (QTreeWidgetItem *selected_item)
void onNameChanged ()

Private Member Functions

void fillTree (QTreeWidget *tree)
bool isValid ()
void setError (const QString &error_text)

Private Attributes

QDialogButtonBox * button_box_
QTextBrowser * description_
const QStringList & disallowed_class_lookup_names_
const QStringList & disallowed_display_names_
QString * display_name_output_
QString lookup_name_
QString * lookup_name_output_
QLineEdit * name_editor_

Detailed Description

Definition at line 47 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

rviz::NewObjectDialog::NewObjectDialog ( Factory factory,
const QString &  object_type,
const QStringList &  disallowed_display_names,
const QStringList &  disallowed_class_lookup_names,
QString *  lookup_name_output,
QString *  display_name_output = 0,
QWidget *  parent = 0 

Dialog for choosing a new object to load with a pluginlib ClassLoader.

disallowed_display_namesset of display names to prevent the user from using.
disallowed_class_lookup_namesset of class lookup names to prevent the user from selecting. Names found in the class loader which are in this list will appear disabled.
lookup_name_outputPointer to a string where dialog will put the class lookup name chosen.
display_name_outputPointer to a string where dialog will put the display name entered, or NULL (default) if display name entry field should not be shown.

Definition at line 52 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void rviz::NewObjectDialog::accept ( ) [virtual, slot]

Definition at line 254 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

void rviz::NewObjectDialog::fillTree ( QTreeWidget *  tree) [private]

Fill the tree widget with classes from the class loader.

Definition at line 131 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

bool rviz::NewObjectDialog::isValid ( ) [private]

Returns true if entered display name is non-empty and unique and if lookup name is non-empty.

Definition at line 219 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

void rviz::NewObjectDialog::onDisplaySelected ( QTreeWidgetItem *  selected_item) [private, slot]

Definition at line 177 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

void rviz::NewObjectDialog::onNameChanged ( ) [private, slot]

Definition at line 249 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

void rviz::NewObjectDialog::setError ( const QString &  error_text) [private]

Display an error message to the user, or clear the previous error message if error_text is empty.

Definition at line 244 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

QSize rviz::NewObjectDialog::sizeHint ( ) const [virtual]

Definition at line 126 of file new_object_dialog.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

QDialogButtonBox* rviz::NewObjectDialog::button_box_ [private]

Widget with OK and CANCEL buttons.

Definition at line 108 of file new_object_dialog.h.

QTextBrowser* rviz::NewObjectDialog::description_ [private]

Widget showing description of the class.

Definition at line 103 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Definition at line 97 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Definition at line 96 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Definition at line 100 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Definition at line 95 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Current value of selected class-lookup name. Copied to *lookup_name_output_ when "ok" is clicked.

Definition at line 112 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Definition at line 99 of file new_object_dialog.h.

Definition at line 105 of file new_object_dialog.h.

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