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passive_joint_publisher.h [code]Class publishing the joint state for passive front axle
ridgeback_base.cpp [code]Main entry point for ridgeback base
ridgeback_cooling.cpp [code]Cooling control class for Ridgeback
ridgeback_cooling.h [code]Cooling control class for Ridgeback
ridgeback_diagnostic_updater.cpp [code]Diagnostic updating class for Ridgeback
ridgeback_diagnostic_updater.h [code]Diagnostic updating class for Ridgeback
ridgeback_hardware.cpp [code]Class representing Ridgeback hardware
ridgeback_hardware.h [code]Class representing Ridgeback hardware
ridgeback_lighting.cpp [code]
ridgeback_lighting.h [code]

Author(s): Mike Purvis , Tony Baltovski
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