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ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM Class Reference

Base class implementing boost thread functionality. More...

#include <ThreadSLAM.h>

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Public Member Functions

bool alive (unsigned int ms)
void terminateThread (void)
 ThreadSLAM (obvious::TsdGrid &grid)
void unblock (void)
virtual ~ThreadSLAM ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void eventLoop (void)=0

Protected Attributes

obvious::TsdGrid & _grid
boost::condition_variable_any _sleepCond
boost::mutex _sleepMutex
bool _stayActive
boost::thread * _thread

Detailed Description

Base class implementing boost thread functionality.

Philipp Koch, Stefan May

Definition at line 19 of file ThreadSLAM.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::ThreadSLAM ( obvious::TsdGrid &  grid)


Definition at line 6 of file ThreadSLAM.cpp.


Definition at line 14 of file ThreadSLAM.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

bool ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::alive ( unsigned int  ms)

alive Method to determine the state of the thread. Function tries to call the thread until the given time runs out

msWait time

Definition at line 24 of file ThreadSLAM.cpp.

virtual void ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::eventLoop ( void  ) [protected, pure virtual]

eventLoop Abstract method connected to the boost threading functionality

Implemented in ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadLocalize, ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadMapping, and ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadGrid.

terminateThread Function to terminate the thread

Definition at line 29 of file ThreadSLAM.cpp.

unblock Method to set the thread from sleep to run mode

Definition at line 19 of file ThreadSLAM.cpp.

Member Data Documentation

obvious::TsdGrid& ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::_grid [protected]

Reference to representation

Definition at line 83 of file ThreadSLAM.h.

boost::condition_variable_any ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::_sleepCond [protected]

Boost condition variable for sleeping mode

Definition at line 73 of file ThreadSLAM.h.

boost::mutex ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::_sleepMutex [protected]

Boost sleeping mutex

Definition at line 68 of file ThreadSLAM.h.

Shutdown flag

Definition at line 78 of file ThreadSLAM.h.

boost::thread* ohm_tsd_slam::ThreadSLAM::_thread [protected]

Boost threading object

Definition at line 63 of file ThreadSLAM.h.

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